Saturday, February 9, 2013

Darker Lindt Chocolate Fondue

I know, I know, we just did a fondue not long ago but this one is different, darker. Just in time for you to get these ingredients so you can celebrate National Chocolate Fondue Day on February 5th.  Now no matter how you do it, fondue is a lot of calories by itself and then when you add in the food you dip into it, even more.  So make this a few times a year treat.  We do a chocolate fondue maybe 3-4 times a year.  Why is this on my mine?  Well, I've signed up with WebMD to help keep track of my food and drink consumption, help me be more mindful of all the food I eat, not just the chocolate I eat.  Luckily as always I have volunteers who help me with these reviews.

Darker Creamy Chocolate Fondue

2 3.5oz 70% Smooth Dark bars from Lindt
1 3.5 Extra Creamy Milk bar from Lindt
10oz whipping cream


Break your bars into pieces when the cream slowly heats up in your fondue appliance on the simmer setting.  Using a plastic spatula stirring in two or three pieces of the chocolate at a time, adding more pieces as they smooth out.  When it has all melted, turn up the heat to the next setting and keep stirring for about two minutes.  Turn the heat back down between the keep warm and simmer setting and enjoy!  Left overs can be covered and reheated within a week.

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