The Chocolate Cult: Small Whitman's Heart

Monday, February 4, 2013

Small Whitman's Heart

Last week we looked at an easily found box of chocolates so today with only 10 days until Valentine's Day 2013, let's look at a similar option from Whitman.  I'm sure my American readers are familiar with Whitman's samplers of chocolate but this one was wrapped in red plastic when I found it last year post the holiday and tried it. Again, just like with last week I doubt this company has changed much and I'm betting this is still quite easy to find so I pre-wrote over 11 months ago for you all, Sisters and Brothers.  This 3.24oz box lists coconut so I'll see which that is though I didn't give it to our Chocolate Coconut or Chocolate Fruit Acolytes to try for you all so it won't be much more than "this one is coconut."  This one also has both chocolate mass and cocoa butter as well as many more ingredients on the label.

We'll start on the upper left side and go counterclockwise as we did last week for this regular review.  The fist piece is a caramel fudge inside the milk chocolate, the tang builds up and blends fairly well with the creamy chocolate.  The next piece is very similar but with a more chocolaty cream center.  The third piece, at the tip of the heart, seems to be a marshmallow center, it has a sweet vanilla flavor and is very fluffy.  The square piece turns out to be a very sticky and thick caramel sticks to my teeth as I enjoy it; this one is a jaw workout but not in a bad way.  The solo dark piece must be the coconut, right?  Yes, I was right, blah so disappointing for your Chocolate Priestess since she does not like coconut.  The final piece has a delivery man carrying a chocolate box we only dream about, one as big as his body, and it creamy milk chocolate.

In comparison to last week's chocolate box, this is slightly better because the chocolate holds its own much better compared to the other flavors.  You also get more chocolate at the same price.  So between these two general products, I'd go with this one but again only as one of several treats for Valentine's Day.  You can also recycle this box because it is made of just cardboard not unmarked plastic except fo the tray inside.

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