The Chocolate Cult: Valentine's Treats With Homemade Touch

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Valentine's Treats With Homemade Touch

Remember the delights I made with Kane Candy cups before Christmas?  Well my plan was to use another of their chocolate dessert cups, heart shaped with both to make a little treat in honor of Valentine's Day or any romantic event in your life.

Now that I've caught up with family emergencies (my mother's death on her 65th wedding anniversary) I can update this post.  As you can see on the left the box comes with four heart shaped cups made of white and dark chocolate as well as white and dark chocolate curls.  Don't put anything too warm or hot in these but otherwise only your imagination and the tastes of those to whom you are serving this should limit you.

I wanted to do something with a "new" treat I discovered at a local Jiffy Treat: their Delite product that has 8 calories per ounce.  I got enough for one ounce of this frozen concoction to be put into each of the cups.  In this photo you can see the chocolate variety that I've spooned inside.

Then I added 1 tablespoon of fat free whipped topping and the curls as you can see in this photo.  In total each of these has 115 calories so really an easy sweet treat.  In my mouth I think this Delite produce has a unpleasant aftertaste if you have more than one ounce of it but the cups themselves practically melt in your mouth and have a strong enough milk chocolate flavor (from the combined white and dark chocolate) that it easily overpowers any negative from the frozen filling.

Check out the other Kane Candy cups.  I'm told they are coming out with two more shapes so perhaps we'll be lucky enough to be sent these to review for you all.

So how did you end up celebrating your Valentine's Day?

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