Saturday, March 9, 2013

$50 Gift Card Giveway for Steak, Seafood, and Chocolate!

Using RANDOM.ORG our winner from the comments below and on our FB for this giveaway is: Carolsue Anderson who entered a total of three times making her more likely to win.  She has been contacted with her gift card code.  Thank you to everyone and the Certified Steak and Seafood Company for their gift card through the Foodie Blogroll.

Your Chocolate Priestess recently received a $50 gift card from the Certified Steak and Seafood Company via The Chocolate Cult's membership in Foodie Blogroll.  I used this to order one of the desserts they sell as well as a set of steaks and a lot of high quality hamburgers.  Today I'd like to take you through my experience of ordering and using some of this food to help celebrate Valentine's Day over a week ago.

I ordered the one purely chocolate dessert the company sells, Triple Chocolate Cake.  They also have a cheesecake selection but it had only a few chocolate pieces and tree nuts so that wasn't as acceptable as this choice.  The cake is large and I made sure we cut it into 16 pieces so I could use the nutritional information on the box most accurately.  It was actually a challenge to cut it into so many pieces but I had help. The first thing I noticed about the cake is that it was simply packed in a box inside the bigger box with dry ice and individually wrapped hamburgers, steaks, and even a free pack of fancy albacore tuna.

The burgers and steak had instruction on how to prepare them but the cake and tuna did not; I know how to use the cake but the tuna, well, we don't generally have something this fancy in my house.  The only probably the packing created with the cake is that the lovely chocolate curls you'll see on their website were completely crushed making it less pretty than I had hoped it would be.

When you go to unpack this have gloves because the dry ice makes everything cold, super cold and it will burn you.  I'm completely serious here, put on some gloves before you start unwrapping things.  You'll want to thaw the cake in the refrigerator as well as the meat.  I put the steaks and cake in the frig the day before I wanted to use them to make sure I could on Valentine's Day.

The cake itself is very rich and the nutritional information suggests that you cut it into 12 pieces at least. Once the cake was thawed fully it gave off a nice strong cocoa fragrance.  The cake parts were moist but not overly so,  which the fudgy layer between then was deeply chocolaty in nature.  It was a challenge to eat a full bite with all the layers so I tended to take smaller bites. I shared this with a total of seven people making it easier for me to get enough that it satisfied without pigging out.

We are also hosting a GIVEAWAY for a $50 Gift Card to Certified Steak and Seafood Company.  You don't have to buy this chocolate cake you could spend it on steaks, or shrimp, or cheesecake, or lobster or anything on their website that you like.  Sometimes they offer free shipping if you order a certain amount so look for that.  They only ship to Canada and the USA, including Hawaii by the way.

How do you win?

Leave a comment below stating what product you's spend your $50 gift card on.

Make sure that you have an email address listed for your ID so I can contact you if you wish.  If I can't contact you, then I'll chose another winner.

To earn extra entries, join our Facebook community page and leave a comment stating what product you'd spend your $50 gift card on.

Since this is a big giveaway I need to see at least 20 different people enter so spread the word about the giveaway.

This giveaway will end on Noon (Eastern Time) on Friday, March 15, 2013.


Unknown said...

I would buy Prime Boneless Filet Mignon and maybe some cheese cake... ug, now I'm craving steak!

Bridget said...

I would probably get a bag of scallops and a tasty dessert. We've got a half a cow in our freezer right now. :)

Rachel Mallinga said...

I would buy the triple Chocolate cake since I love Chocolate, and Cod to have fish fry at my home!!

Wyrenth said...

I'll admit, I've never cooked steak before so I'd probably klutz it up. A safer bet for me would be the angus patties and dogs with a triple chocolate cake for dessert.

Patrick Connell said...

lobster, steak, swordfish, cheesecake, scallops and dogs. a major surf n turf with a cake to top it all off for my friends!!!

Silentcrow said...

Prime Ribeye! It's been so long since I've had a good prime rib.

Anonymous said...

I'd get a few packages of the Tenderloin Tips (, as they look like they could be added to just about anything.

♡♥♬ Carolsue ♡♥♬ said...

A couple of 12-oz New York Strip Steaks! Ohhh, and maybe a carrot cake....yum!
Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

♡♥♬ Carolsue ♡♥♬ said...

I like you on Facebook (Carolsue Anderson)and I commented with the above comment also.
Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

♡♥♬ Carolsue ♡♥♬ said...

Yay! I won! Thank you. I'm looking for a way to contact you noq.
Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

June L said...

Juicy Prime Angus Ribeye looks really good.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Unfortunately, June L, you are over two weeks too late for this giveaway.

I hope you read more of our posts and leave future comments.

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