Saturday, March 16, 2013

Best Chocolate in Town Bar Trio

It has been a while since we've seen products from the The Best Chocolate in Town, a wonderful shop in Indianapolis.  We got so busy here on The Chocolate Cult after they gave us samples that this review kept being put off going live.  So let's look at this trio of bars from them and see if they might make a good gift in your Easter baskets.

The first bar is our only milk chocolate sample, their Milk Chocolate and Roasted Corn.  The chocolate has a slightly creamy fragrance but the cocoa is equally there.  The chocolate continues to be creamy and chocolaty and it melts in your mouth. The large roasted yellow corn kernels are crunchy then become a bit chewy as you continue to bite.  At first I was concerned this wouldn't taste good but actually the corn is much like nuts in texture and an interesting mild blend with the chocolate.  It is better than you might think form the name.

The Dark Chocolate and Pistachio bar is next and it has more than the big words on the label say, look closer and in a smaller font you'll see "with dried cherries."  This is an interesting choice because the cherries ideally will be slightly tart but sweet and the dark chocolate to be a touch bitter both of these should curb the intensity of pistachos.  The principle scent is dark cocoa but the pistacho is there.  Unfortunately the cherries are separate from the nuts and thus their unique flavors are less likely to blend unless you take a big bite.  Take a big bite because the blending of crunchy, creamy, and chewy textures along the flavors bitter, sweet, and sharp is well worth the effort even for a non-pistacho fan like me.

Finally we have a Dark Chocolate and Smoked Almonds "with smoked paprika" in the smaller print.  The spice cuts through the chocolate in terms of scent so I take a bite wondering if it will overpower in terms of flavor as well.  The dark has a darker essence than the previous bar or perhaps just less flavors to compete.  The nuts are crunchy but the paprika doesn't really show up until a hit a part the chocolate where it seems to have soaked into that particular whole almond more.  This isn't bad just a bit of a jolt when I ate that section.

Three unique chocolate bars from The Best Chocolate in Town. Sadly they don't have their own page on the website.  What do you think, Sisters and Brothers?  Have any of our readers in Indy had these?  If so please do leave us a comment and let us know what you thought about them.


mavido79 said...

I've not had any of the bars, but I do love their chocolates! Will have to check out the bars the next time I'm down on Mass. Ave.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Yeah, they aren't on the website so I hope they still make them.

It is a very cute shop.

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