The Chocolate Cult: Brach's Barely Covered Bunnies

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Brach's Barely Covered Bunnies

Brach's is an old name in candy dating back to 1904 in Chicago.  Normally when I think of Brach's I think of caramels, the treat that began their fame.  But they also make some chocolate related products especially for the holidays.  This Easter I wanted to look at their Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Rabbits that I found last year post Easter 2012.  Made with cocoa butter and chocolate liquor, these certainly have chocolate in that milk chocolate coating but it is enough to compete with the marshmallow?

As you can see in this photo the chocolate coating is not very thick at all.  While there is a bunny shape to the marshmallow and thus the coating, my hopes are not great for any actual chocolate flavor no matter what the ingredient list.  The chocolate is thickest on the bottom of this 3 inch long fluffy thing and there it has the greatest cocoa essence.  The first flavor is indeed the chocolate but it very quickly fades into the utter sweetness of the marshmallow.  Great for marshmallow lovers perhaps but honestly not for anyone who even likes chocolate.

The coating really needs to be thicker, at least twice what it is, to be a decent chocolate treat for Easter. Skip these and find another marshmallow egg for your Easter baskets if you want chocolate and if you want marshmallow why bother with this at all?  Just get marshmallows, I saw some Easter shaped ones in our local grocery just last week in pastel colors, too.

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