Saturday, March 2, 2013

Easter Delights from Williams-Sonoma

As you may notice, Sisters and Brothers, we have been hosting a few ads for Williams-Sonoma for some time but the company finally followed through and sent us a $50 gift card to use on anything we wanted to write about here for you all.  With Easter approaching I thought looking at their chocolate exclusives for the holiday might be a good idea.  We ordered three different items which you can see here in this photo.  Let's take a look at each of these.

The Chocolate Truffle-filled Eggs came in a bag and are a bit like idealized robin eggs in a light blue color.  There are three types of chocolate here: white, milk, and bittersweet covered with a candy shell.  These are flavored with Marc de Champagne and amaretto-kirsch distillates but I don't think it is enough to make these non-child-friendly.  These are all cocoa butter and chocolate liquor candies with milk and soy added.  These are almost an inch long but seem very light in my hand.  The candy coating is cool and smooth and there is a light scent of the distillates as well as sugar.  The chocolate is layered like this: milk and bittersweet center, covered with white chocolate, and then the candy shell.  The alcohol flavor is very intense, it actually overpowers the chocolates and burns a bit and that might make these more appropriate for adults than little kids.

The six piece set of Bunny Truffles included three milk and three dark chocolate with a caramel filling. These are made with cocoa butter and cocoa mass with milk and soy in case you have any allergies to wary of.  They are identical but you can easily see one is dark and one is milk; I hope that shows in the photo, Sisters and Brothers.  They are 1 3/8th inches long and half an inch thick.  The milk chocolate bunny has a tangy sweet creamy scent and it makes a soft snap when I take a bite.  Immediately my mouth is struck by creamy chocolate and then buttery caramel that almost flows out.  The dark chocolate bunny's chocolate fragrance makes it through the tangy sweetness and it makes a louder snap when I bite it in half.  The mix of the buttery caramel and the dark chocolate has this sharply bitter edge at first that fades into a sweeter cocoa and butter taste over a short amount of time.  I really these a lot; you need to get these, Sisters and Brothers.

The Mâché Easter Egg contains five different candies. The Peas & Carrots, the Spring Pops, and the Jelly Beans are not chocolate so we will not be reviewing these for you.  However there were two chocolate items inside.

The Chocolate Bunny is made of cocoa butter and chocolate liquor but also has milk and soy if that is a concern for you.  I don't think you can see it that well in my photography but this is a laughing bunny with its hands in front and one ear bent down giving it a mischievous look.  It is about two inches at it's widest, around the base, and 4.75 inches tall, with the thickest part around the legs at 1.75 inches.  This has a milk chocolate and light vanilla scent and has more heft to it than I expect from a hollow bunny; let's see if the chocolate is thicker than I expect.  The top half of the ears are solid and they make a very loud snap when I take a bite.  The milk chocolate here is a nice balance of cocoa, milk, and a hint of vanilla, it melts in my mouth.  The more hollow parts make less of a sound or none depending on their thickness.  The quality of chocolate is higher than the next and final candy from this Easter grouping.

The Chocolate Carrot is wrapped in orange and green foil, separate pieces by the way, and are made of cocoa butter ad chocolate liquor as well with milk and soy added.  It is 4.5 inches long and about half an inch at it's thickest and one inch at the widest part near the stem.  The chocolate has a milk chocolate and vanilla scent and is slightly cool to my fingertips.  There is a soft snap when I bite into the tip and the vanilla is the first flavor.  Over time a creamy cocoa flavor emerges but I think I like the Bunny Truffle chocolate better.

These exclusive chocolates from Williams-Sonoma's online store were all great and well worth the extra price.  All of them also are available for free-shipping when you purchase enough in one order.  This is real chocolate, no added fats, and thus I consider it to be Sacrament worthy.  I hope you do, too.  If you'd tried previous Easter exclusives from Williams-Sonoma let me know what you thought about those and if you have tried these, please share your opinion in a comment below.

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