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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Russell Stover Bunnies

Russell Stover is best known for their boxes of decent mixed chocolates that you can give to someone when you don't want to spend a lot of money.  Now they have a variety of bunnies for Easter, too.  We'll look at four -- Peanut Butter milk chocolate, Peanut Butter white chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Marshmallow -- as you are counting down to the holiday.

We'll start with one of the two smaller bunnies, the peanut butter covered with milk chocolate coming in at 1.5oz and measuring 2.25 X 3.75 X 0.75 inches at the little dear's greatest reaches.  There isn't much peanut butter here for such a prominently displayed name.  The ears and head our solid milk chocolate.  The body finally has peanut butter in it but it rather dull, neither roasted or sweet tasting.  Basically a disappointment, find another peanut butter bunny covered in milk chocolate and skip this one.

The marshmallow bunny's photo is from assets.farmandfleet's website; I had one and I don't know what happened to it... argh.  As you can see the chocolate does indeed cover the entire bunny and just like the above the ears and head are solid while the marshmallow is more in the body.  For marshmallow lovers this may be a disappointment but the milk chocolate balanced well if you alternate with the solid part and the filled sections, otherwise it can be a bit sweet.

Another peanut butter filled Easter bunny from Russell Stover is the White Chocolate one at 3oz.  Yes, this is indeed white chocolate made with cocoa butter not some substitute that you will find in the cheaper brands.  He is 5 inches at his longest and 3 inches at his width with a 0.75 inch thickness at the neck section with the ribbon I hope you can make out.  Turning him over I see a few dots of peanut butter showing through.  The ears are simply white chocolate, the peanut butter is in the head and body.  This is a strongly vanilla white chocolate but also a touch waxy.  When you get to the peanut butter is tastes slightly salty but also intensely creamy because of the white chocolate.  While this type of chocolate isn't my favorite, this bunny works for the average white chocolate and peanut butter lover because it is very balanced in flavors unlike the milk chocolate counterpart.

Finally the solid milk chocolate bunny is up for review.  the same size as the previous bunny this seems lighter in my hands though it is not.  Nothing but gently creamy milk chocolate here at a reasonable price so a good choice for you Easter baskets this year or any year until they change the recipe or ratio of ingredients.

You can buy an Easter basket all ready made, many of you probably do, but if you make your own as I do for my family every year, you get exactly what they want and you can control the amount and quality of the goodies inside.  I just reuse the baskets, too, so it's a win-win for us.  I'm still building ours for this 2013 celebration as well as planning on making a cute chick cake.

What are you Easter plans?

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