The Chocolate Cult: Still Chilly? How about some Choffy?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Still Chilly? How about some Choffy?

We've looked at two varieties of Choffy, a hot chocolate beverage you create and drink like you would a cup of coffee, in the past.  Another Choffy seller, Megan Schultz, sent us La Espanola variety that is designed especially for coffee drinkers. Neither of our Mocha Acolytes have a French Press, the ideal way to make the Choffy, so one of our Chocolate and Alcohol Acolytes agreed to test this out.  Today I want to share the test results from Elizabeth who put a lot of effort into the testing trying it three different ways.  I've put together her notes and included her photos for you all.

Elizabeth tried it three different ways: with Sweet-n-Low, with Sugar-Free Italian Sweet Cream, and with Chocolate Carmel Creamer.  Each time the product had a nutty smell and was a bit more watery compared to grocery store types of hot chocolate.  When she only added the Sweet-n-low the drink was a little bitter but was just like drinking dark chocolate.  When she added the chocolate carmel creamer the dark chocolate taste was strong but not bitter.  And when she added the sugar-free Italian sweet creamer the drink had a nice chocolate aftertaste.  Over all she liked it though it would have been better if it were less watery but having used the previous samples myself from Choffy I know that you can improve that by simply adding less water when you brew it.  Elizabeth told me that she would also use this product again because it was very relaxing and enjoyable to use.

If you agree with Elizabeth, Sisters and Brothers, and La Espanola variety sounds good to you, contact Megan Schultz and she can set you up with some of the product.  I am amazed that Elizabeth was able to try this three different ways on three separate occasions with only one sample.  It demonstrates that you can get three servings from one sample imagine what you'd get from a 12oz bag?

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