The Chocolate Cult: Two Reese Easter Treats

Friday, March 22, 2013

Two Reese Easter Treats

Easter is a bit earlier this year than last, falling on March 31, 2013 for the Western traditions which is what I follow myself, Sisters and Brothers.  Today let's look at some of the Easter treats you can find with the Reese's brand on them. One is a rehash of a previous review, I can give products a second chance when I feel like it, and one is a product I've had before but haven't talked about here yet.

Now for some of you who were my friends way back when we started our Cult at the end of February 2009, this next product will seem familiar to you: Reese's Reester Bunnies.  At that time you'll recall I did not like them at all because they were too sickly sweet.  The handful of people who read the blog at that time, told me "I agree" when they met me in person.  Let's face it, we all start off with mostly our friends, right.  But I wanted to give these another shot because they are still around so maybe they've changed?

Nutritionally these are identical to the 2009 version but something has definitely changed.  The milk chocolate is stronger flavor and the peanut butter has a more roasted, less sweet essence as well.  Maybe someone at Reese's read us or listened to those of you who agreed but these are actually good, these are now something I could see myself buying for a friend or for fun like their eggs that come out this time of year.

Good job on improving your product, Reese!

A similar product from Reese is their mini Easter Eggs that come in a 12-pack. This if these as small egg-shaped peanut butter mixture with milk chocolate around them.   I just saw these last year but they might have been out for a while and I just didn't notice.  As you can see these are wrapped in blue, green, purple, and hot pink foil to give them a sort of Easter color scheme.

While the bunny above was an improvement these Eggs were a disappointment. The peanut butter is just like the other product on today's review but the milk chocolate is waxy.  How waxy?  It not only tastes waxy and feels waxy in your mouth and to your fingers but it also looks a bit waxy, dull yet with a hint of shine that seems unnatural.

An improvement and miss then as our final evaluation.  Really how difficult is to to make this product in the same quality just in different shapes and sizes?


Cacao-Me said...
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TammyJo Eckhart said...

Thanks for letting us know, Cacao-Me.

For other readers we had a report from a regular that she couldn't get on for a few days we asked readers via FB to check it out.

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