Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Lot of Sugar Free Toffee

One of the new companies to join the 153 companies we've featured for you all here on The Chocolate Cult is bulk candy shop  We tried to get an Easter feature together for you all, Sisters and Brothers, but their candy sells were very good I'm told and thus they kept running out of what our contact was trying to send us to review.  So they sent us this collection of Asher's Sugar Free Toffees that we're going to look at along with other "diet" and reduced calories chocolate treats this month.  We won't say much about the candy itself because this feature is more about the shop than the products and we will apply the same criteria we've used for other shops both online and brick and mortar that we've featured.

When you go online to their website you can search for candy in a variety of ways -- brand name, color, type of candy (tab "Bulk Candy"), and even for special events you can search for candy buffet or favors.  Go under "Bulk Candy" to "Chocolate Candy" and then you find six other categories.  Trying to find the Asher's product is very challenging this way so I looked under "Brands" next.

From "Brands" go to "See more brands" on the right hand side and Asher's is in the second row found here .  This product is on the third page of their products, second to last actually.  Opening the bag I get a light chocolate scent.  The pieces take a bit of effort to bite into and the primary flavor is almond, then chocolate and a light butter and sweetness.  This is not nearby as buttery as I'd expect from toffee and that is odd because given that this is sugar free I'd expect even more buttery, almond, and chocolate flavors to make up for the missing processed sugar.  Be forewarned that as you chew it is going to stick to your teeth... a lot, it will stick a lot so have fund working at those sticky areas in your mouth.  Actually that is good because it means that you  need to eat this more slowly because as the package warns "Excess consumption may have a laxative effect" and you might now want that.

There you have it, sugar free toffee from Asher's available in bulk from  You get a lot of product and a flat shipping fee of around $10 or less depending on a variety of factors.  Shopping here is great if you are planning a big event but plan early since I learned even their own market teams can run out of products when they are too popular.  Plan ahead and you should do fine.  Use their links in this review or along the side and second page and you help us as well and that allows us to bring you more articles and features in the future.

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