Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sensa Chocolate Chews

Another product we've received curtesy of the Vine Program on are these Sensa Chews in chocolate variety.  You may have seen the Sensa ads where everyone is dancing around shaking this little bottle of whatever the heck Sensa is on their food.  Now the brand offers products that you use like candy or foods.  Let's see if this is chocolatey enough to be useful to you if you are trying to lose weight before summer comes.

This bag has 30 pieces, each as you can see in this photo about 1 X 1 X 0.5
inches in dimensions. Each is individually wrapped in simple white paper.  When you unwrap one there is a definite fudge scent that is very like a Tootsie Roll. Much like that it is chewy and tries to stick on my teeth when I pop on into my mouth. It has a very cocoay flavor a lot more than a mere Tootsie Roll and that might be because there is cocoa and chocolate liquor listed on the ingredients. Unfortunately there are also added oils that could be avoided all together by using cocoa butter or if for some reason the manufacturer didn't want that, you could add in very little.  It also has a gritty texture as you chew it so not smooth like the candy I mentioned above.  For some reason one piece just didn't satisfy my chocolate craving but two more did.  *smile*

This does have sugar alcohols so be careful how many you eat at a time even though they are only 15 calories each.  The special Sensa ingredient may or may not have side effects but I didn't experience anything unpleasant.  They do have a long shelf life, well over a year and a quarter according to the best by date on the bag I received.

I was very surprised by Sensa Chocolate Fudge Chews.  They are made with chocolate, they satisfying with a few pieces, and that small amount didn't cause any internal problems.  Normally I don't give "diet" or "low cal" products a sacrament status because they have terrible flavor, poor texture, or side effects.  This had a good flavor and no side effects but the texture could be improved.

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