The Chocolate Cult: Skinny Cow, Skinny You?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Skinny Cow, Skinny You?

We received one of these Skinny Cow brand sample via your Chocolate Priestess's connections as a Amazon Vine Program reviewer and the other via a promotional offer in the form of a coupon.  One box of either "Divine Filled Chocolates" has 6 1oz pouches in it and each piece is over an inch wide though as you'll see in the next photo they aren't square in shape.  Made with real chocolate and cocoa butter they also have dairy and soy if those are an allergen for you, Sisters and Brothers.  Obviously the peanut butter variety has peanuts so don't buy those if you have a peanut allergy.

With 130 per pouch these seem like a decent snack in place of another candy bar or higher calorie treat.  So the question then becomes: are these as good as a caramel or peanut butter chocolate treat that has more calories?

We'll start with the Caramel variety we got via Amazon Vine.  Once a pouch is opened the scent of milk chocolate with a hint of sweet, tangy caramel filled my nose; the caramel fragrance grew stronger over time.  They make a soft sound when you take a bite but be careful because the caramel will try to ooze out.  The initial flavor and the final flavor is creamy milk chocolate but in the middle the caramel goes from tangy to more sweet before fading.  Three is more than enough frankly so share them if you like and still feel satisfied for both sweet and chocolate.

The peanut butter creme version I got with a coupon at our local Kroger store.  It is identical to the other in terms of what it looks like.  The milk chocolate is the only scent I get from these even when I take a bite.  The peanut butter inside is very much like the caramel, it is more sticky than I had expected and has a roasted flavor not a sweet one.  I think this blended very well together, both peanut butter and milk chocolate equal in representation.

If you are looking for a way to portion control but often feel you just aren't getting enough to satisfy your desires, the Skinny Cow brand is doing a fairly good job of giving us enough while helping us execute our plan to consume less (or more); it really is up to you, Sisters and Brothers.

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