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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Flower Chocolate Cups Beauty

Today I tried the fourth of five samples sent to us by Kane Candy, this one was the box of six Pastel Chocolate Flower Cups made with 47.3% cocoa mass along with cocoa butter not added oils, but powered and dried milk in case you are allergic to dairy.  This does have artificial colors to make red, green, and peach colors on the flowers.  It comes six to a box with each cup weighing 12 grams.

I used these to make inverted flowers.  I filled them up with "chocolate dirt" that was actually my failed attempt to us a boxed lava cake mix -- it didn't lava because the chips refused to melt at all. But it made a good crumble after it cooled off.  Each cup held three tablespoons worth of the "dirt" and then could be topped with whatever you wanted -- we used whipped cream, blueberries, and strawberry slices.

Alone the cups tasted like a slightly darker chocolate; the artificial colors didn't change the flavor at all which is great.  Coupled with the "dirt" it was very chocolatey indeed.

Notes for Use:

1) To take the cups out of the plastic they are found in you'll want to push up from beneath them and be gentle when you hold them.  The bottom is very sturdy but the petals can be fragile especially once filled.

2) Fill them after setting them on the plate you will serve them with.

3) Use a firmer filling because these had to be eaten carefully or they spilled all over the place.

This was a fun and easy to use chocolate cup that I thought was perfect for late spring when my flowers are blooming right outside my door.  Made with real chocolate and tasting like a slightly darker chocolate, these are, once more, a Sacrament worthy sample from Kane Candy.  This company now moves into the running for "Best of 2013" here on The Chocolate Cult.

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