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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lindt Truffles Rainbow

Your chocolate Priestess's 21st wedding anniversary happens Friday and this got me thinking about chocolate for anniversary gifts.  A while back when we had a Lindt chocolate party I purchased a huge basket of goodies including a selection of their truffles.  As you may know the color of the wrapper can tell you the flavor inside though sometimes words are also on the wrapper that tell you.

In honor of Lindt truffles I thought I'd share their list of wrappers and flavors and add in another one that I know about first hand.  This list is on their FAQ on their website and I've added some extra notes to it for you all, Sisters and Brothers.  I've placed a * next to the ones that came in my sampler box in this basket.

*Gold = White Chocolate shell over white chocolate center
*Red = Milk Chocolate has a semi-solid milk chocolate center
*Dark/Royal Blue = 39% minimum cocoa dark chocolate has a semi-solid center of the same chocolate it tastes like to me.
Black = 60% minimum cocoa dark chocolate shell with 39% minimum truffle center
Light/Sky Blue = Stracciatella (white chocolate shell with cocoa nibs / white chocolate center)
Light Green = Mint
Dark Green = Peppermint
*Bronze/Copper = Peanut Butter (often says this on the wrapper) has a soft primarily peanut butter center under milk chocolate shell
Hot Pink = Raspberry
*Brown = Hazelnut Milk Chocolate has a fairly solid center with a touch of crunch but surprisingly not a very hazelnut flavor
Orange = Orange
Dark Brown = Coffee
Purple = Vanilla White Chocolate -- I had one of these only in the basket, don't know if it was an error or not. This is basically the white chocolate with an intense kick!

The Brown and Bronze can look similar so I'm glad the peanut butter ones has the flavor listed on the wrapper as well.  My hubby has tree nut allergies but peanuts are NOT tree nuts.

How many out there like Lindt Truffles?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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