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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mayan Spice Bar

Chocolate for the Spirit, an Indiana chocolate company that has made a huge name for itself in just a few years turned its attention to the traditional variety of chocolate often called "Mexican" or "Aztec" but in this case a "Mayan Spice Bar".  Historically speaking this name is much closer to the origins of chocolate than the other two common labels for chocolate made with a kick of certain spices.  They sell four different types of Mayan Spice Bars and this one is the 38% milk chocolate version.

This bar came in a greenish yellow envelop and a plastic bag. When I took it out I was blown away by the detail on this molded chocolate.  He looks like a little monkey, doesn't he?  Did you know that in several Mayan artifacts we see monkeys associated with  cacao trees?  This is because among the animals and birds that would break open cocoa pods and eat the sweet white pulp incasing the seeds that we use to make chocolate and cocoa from, the monkey was quite common.

This bar is two ounces measuring 3 7/8th X 2 5/8th X 7/16th inches.  I hope you could see the golden sheen over the chocolate in the above photo.  It has a light creamy cocoa and intense spice fragrance. The spices listed on the ingredients' list are just "spices" so if you have any spice allergies, and I know some folks who do, you may want to stay away from this.  This bar has both cocoa butter and cocoa mass and obviously dairy.  The bar is shiny and cool to the touch, both signs of well-crafted chocolate.  Taking a bite immediately release a strong creamy chocolate with a vanilla essence.  It takes a second for the spices to start to work adding a growing heat and an interesting counter to the creamy milk chocolate without completely overwhelming it.  However the spices are intense and they do build up with each chew so you are now forewarned.

Chocolate for the Spirit has done it again.  A wonderful creation made with quality ingredients and loving attention to detail.  Celebration of Cinco de Mayo with this chocolate bar would be a great idea.  I hope all of you give it a chance if not tomorrow then soon because this chocolate could easily replace any other "Mexican" cocoa product you might have in mind because deserves to be your new Sacrament.  That said I can also say that currently this company is on top and in the running for Best of 2013 when the year ends.

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