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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Baked! Chocolate Cookies Delivered to Your Door

In Your Chocolate Priestess's town we have several bakeries but one of these has a very fun vibe not far from the university campus.  Baked! of Bloomington was started in 2006 and now in 2013 they are going strong enough that they are thinking of expanding into Indianapolis.  When I went I was accompanied by one of our Mocha Acolytes, Tim, and his husband-to-be, Long, who often helps us test products.  Of course I gave them some of these cookies you see in the photo here as an thank and to get their opinions.  Let's see if I agree with them.

First up is the basic chocolate chip cookie however the dough is their sugar dough.  These were baked to a nice golden brown, no burning, and spread out the most of the four varieties.  The dough has a slight sweet flavor but not nearly as sweet as I feared given the sugar (plain) dough base.  It actually has a slight buttery flavors as well.  The cookies crunch a bit around edges and the chips still were melty when I first tested one letting a burst of chocolate into my mouth.  While you can't see them too well in the photo, every bite had chocolate chips in it and thus a good cookie for milk chocolate lovers.

Next up is the peanut butter dough with toffee, dark chocolate chips, and pretzel pieces.  This is a heftier cookie also golden brown with a bit darker on the bottom and sides though not burnt; I can't stand burnt peanut butter as you know, Sisters and Brothers.  Some of the cookies have visible dark chocolate chips or pieces of toffee and pretzels but each is different looking.  The cookie is nicely soft exactly as I want from a peanut butter cookie, the peanut flavor builds up as I chew. When warm the toffee is sticky and the dark chocolate chips melt but the pretzel pieces remain crunchy whether warm or cooled down fully.  The combination of flavors and textures makes this a memorable cookie that I wouldn't mind having again.  This was Long's favorite of all four cookies!

The third type was a chocolate dough with mint and white chocolate chips along with crushed Oreo cookies.  This is also a very thick cookie and has a strong mint fragrance.  You can see the green and white chips through the dark dough.  The cookie is nice and soft like the previous one and this time the cocoa in the cookie is the first flavor followed by a creamy then a minty burst.  Every now and again I hit a crunchy bit of Oreo and the distinctive flavor of the cookie and cream add to the flavors.  This is actually a very intense flavor combination but I liked it a lot though if you don't like mint, this isn't for you.

Finally, they made us cookies using their current seasonal dough, blue berry oatmeal, with dark chocolate chips.  These have a sweet blue berry scent along with a hint of oatmeal.  The juice from the blue berry and the oatmeal gives the cookie a sort of greenish tint that Tim noticed first.  Tim said this tasted like a blue berry muffin so I'm going to see if I agree.  The texture is not quite muffin but definitely oatmeal cookie with a stickiness;  I use oatmeal a lot in my own cookie baking so I have a fondness for it myself.  The berries are sweet and slightly tart (some folks who had these with me said sour but I think tart) and the bursts of dark chocolate counter it with a bit of bitterness and sweetness of a slightly different nature.  I was very pleasantly surprised by these.

To make your own creations check out their menu and go through the steps to select dough, fixin' (additions), frosting, and even melted tops of candy bars.  Only the melted tops cost extra so don't worry about mixing together a few things.  We agree with the Baked! advice to not add more than four ingredients or you won't taste them all.  If you get one of the combinations we mentioned above, tell them you saw it on The Chocolate Cult.  Personally I liked them all though if I had to pick just one, I'd have to break down and buy two sets of cookies: the peanut butter and the chocolate dough based ones we've looked at today.

If you want to know more about Baked! of Bloomington you can check out the interview and photos shoot we did that day.  Baked! uses high quality ingredients and offers the customer a lot of variety for unique cookies any day they way so they earn a Sacramental status.  With hours varying by time of year you should check first whether or not they are open at Noon or 2pm and closing at 2am or 4am. But if you live in Btown you need to check them out.  Park on the street not the nearby business parking lots and you shouldn't have a problem.

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