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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Indiana Style Chocolate Toffee

In the past we've had some excellent chocolate from Chocolate for the Spirit so today we will look at their Milk Chocolate Pecan Buttercrunch Toffee.  They also make a dark chocolate version but this review should only be seen as our opinion on the milk chocolate version.

Made of 38% Grand Cru milk chocolate may seem darker than most milk chocolates we are used to in the USA.  But Chocolate for the Spirit follows Swiss traditions and milk chocolates in Europe can have a higher cacao content level.  In a 4oz bag the pieces are huge, both top and bottom covered with tiny pieces of pecans, two layers of milk chocolate the same thickness as the solid center of butter toffee.  A pecan, butter, and cocoa scent is released as soon as I untie and open the bag.  There are four large pieces and one small piece of toffee inside.

The crunch is audible but the toffee is not so thick that it is difficult to take a bite.  You know some toffees feel like you are breaking your teeth or sticking to them so much that your mouth feels heavy.  Not a problem with this toffee from Chocolate for the Spirit.  It crunches just enough and sticks just enough while the chocolate and toffee melts into my mouth, blending the flavors.  The blending of the cocoa, butter, and nuts is very subtle and leaves a creamy, buttery cocoa essence on my tongue.

Chocolate for the Spirit does it again. With any toffee the chocolate is rarely the primary flavor and that's true for this brand as well.  Yet I don't feel disappointed because everyone blends in terms of flavors and textures that it satisfying on every level.  Worthy of the title of Sacrament.

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