Saturday, June 15, 2013

Life is Sweet Fudge

Tomorrow, June 16, is "National Fudge Day," so I thought I'd finally reveal four samples of fudge from Life is Sweet Candy Store in Keene, New Hampshire that my husband, our Chocolate and Tea Acolyte, discovered back in 2012 right after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast.  Luckily for him they were open on that Sunday and thick it is great that any business can have expanded hours into the weekends and into the evenings so that potential customers, many of whom also work, can find and use their business. I wish more chocolate and candy companies, heck, all companies did this because it sure would make the average worker's life a bit easier.

Fudge is one of the candies that they make in the shop itself and their website says that they have a changing menu of flavors so if you are in the area, go in and check out what is available today.  At this time when I'm writing this feature review live (soon after my husband brought the samples to me in early November 2012) the company delivers products around the Keene area so you can also place and order and get it sent to you for an extra five dollars.  Of course if you are in the area, why not get it yourself?  Perhaps you want to use their catering services or have placed a load order and don't have the vehicle to safely deliver it.  But you want to see the fudge, right, Sisters and Brothers?

Let's look at these clockwise from the upper right in the first photo.  The first must be the simple chocolate fudge.  It has a strong sweet cocoa scent that I expect from basic fudge.  This piece is solid but still soft and easy to bite into.  It starts to melt at soon after I take a bite.  There is great balance between the chocolate, the butter, the milk, and the sugars that are the basic ingredients for all fudge which allows the chocolate to be the dominant flavor and this tends to be difficult to achieve in most commercial fudges I've noticed so I'm very impressed.

The second piece obviously has almonds but is it the Chocolate Almond or the Chocolate Amaretto? Since I usually Amaretto fudges with two layers of fudge, one a pinkish color, I'm going to guess this is a simple Chocolate Almond fudge.  While the Almonds are thin slivers there are a lot of them that you can see throughout this variety.  The nuts and the ingredients of the fudge cancel each other out and oddly I'm getting almost now scent from this no matter how many whiffs and sniffs I take.  Taking a bite the only crunch is in the nuts because the fudge, like before, starts to melt in my mouth.  The sweetness of this variety is much greater than the previous

The third piece is the Chocolate Peanut Butter, this is clear by both the look, two layers one clearly chocolate and one clearly peanut butter, and the fragrance of the sample.  The peanut butter permeates the entire piece of fudge.  I take a bite of just the top fudge layer and it is a sweeter version of the simple chocolate fudge above.  When I take a full bite including both peanut butter and chocolate layer, the peanut butter and chocolate blend well, resulting in a balanced flavor.  The peanut butter layer is a lot softer than the chocolate layer but both melt in my mouth.

This leaves the Chocolate Amaretto as the final of the four samples from Life is Sweet Candy Store.  As I hope you can see in the photo this has the light pink bottom layer as well as hints of lighter fudge in the higher layer.  Turning this fudge over you get two different scents: the pink has a strong Amaretto fragrance but the dark has a light cocoa essence that lets out the Amaretto again.  The pink layer is softer and oddly a bit chewy when I take a bite while the fudge layer melts. The Amaretto really overwhelms the other flavors so unless you like that flavor this is probably not a fudge for you.

Life is Sweet Candy Store was also a guest post from my husband about his trip to the East Coast back in October/November 2012.  I'm very glad they gave him these samples so we could let you all know about them just in time to go check them out for tomorrow's fun food holiday.

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