The Chocolate Cult: MAGMUM Gold Ice Cream Bars

Saturday, July 6, 2013

MAGMUM Gold Ice Cream Bars

As you may recall from our Wednesday post, MAGMUM went big this year announcing their new variety called Gold.  I arranged for a sample of this new bar to be sent to us so we could test and reveal it to you all, Sisters and Brothers, and the Unilever company sent us two boxes: regular and mini sized Gold bars.  Generally the various flavors of MAGMUM do come in both the large bar and the mini size but I was surprised that they sent us both.  As you will see they do have slightly different flavors because of the ratio of ice cream to chocolate coatings.

The Gold bars have a golden color that reminds me a bit of golden rod in the crayon boxes I grew up using but with a sparkle to the hue.  These bars are 3.38oz each and as you can see a good size with the bar measuring about 4 inches long and more than an inch thick.  I had to open my mouth wide to try this one out.

Taking a bite I revealed the vanilla ice cream with a few caramel ribbons and the golden milk chocolate on top of it, only the top of this chocolate later is colored gold.  I found the golden chocolate had a bit of an aftertaste to it, it wasn't just the milk chocolate that I've had in other MAGNUM bars we've featured.  The vanilla ice cream has the vanilla bean specks in it along with the brownish gold caramel ribbons.  The caramel is the primary flavor completely overwhelming the milk chocolate in large part I believe because of the color that has been used.  Yeah, food dye can affect the flavor of things and so much is generally needed for chocolate that the change can be intense.  This wasn't unpleasant over all but as I said not quite enough chocolate.

The Minis appear to be just smaller versions of the regular bars.  This is a great way to watch calories if you are concerned with that.  Two mini bars (or one serving) is fewer calories than the larger bars; eat only one mini and not only will you get less calories but the box will last twice as long!  The ratio of the vanilla ice cream and caramel to the chocolate coating is smaller and the Belgium chocolate did come through more than in the full sized bars however the dominant flavor was still caramel followed by the vanilla ice cream and finally the chocolate dulled by the coloring.

This is a decadent tasting bar but compared to the size of it the calories are fairly reasonable.  The chocolate may be high quality, when I compare them to other varieties we've featured from this same brand, I know that it probably is but the coloring really hides it.  The result is really a vanilla caramel treat that you know has chocolate but that can't stand up to the other two flavors.

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