Wednesday, July 3, 2013

MAGNUM Gold Showstopper

To start off a month of ice cream featured reviews, we're going to look at the multi-media showstopper called MAGNUM Gold.  We received an amazing, there was simply no other word for it, two-part shipment from MAGNUM back in April.  First there was the surprise shipment of all of this that you see in the photo.  A wooden treasure chest like box that had a golden key, an ice cream bar shaped thumb drive, and a 187ml bottle of Moet and Chandon Imperial Champagne.  Check out the photo display below to walk through the process of unwrapping it all that very day.

This box along with ribbons and a bag holding what looked like an ice cream bar came inside an otherwise non-descript cardboard box.

Inside the paper sleeve was a wooden box, an actual wooden box sort of like a long version of a treasure chest.  This was starting to get exciting, Sisters and Brothers!

What was inside?  A lot of empty space under a golden section of tissue paper but then something else you can see the top of here in this photo.

I took every thing out but didn't unwrap it yet.  Now my husband was starting to get excited and he was urging me to "hurry up" because it was cool and a bit over the top perhaps.  He's so cute when this "hobby of mine that makes no money" as he complains often actually interests him from time to time.

Inside the wrapping tissue paper and the two fabric bags were a golden key, a small bottle of champagne, and a thumb drive shaped like a MAGNUM ice cream bar! Now I confess I was a bit excited and confused.  See I don't think champagne when I think chocolate.

Using the key I arranged for a shipment of their new Gold bars and they came a week later.  Two boxes -- MAGNUM Gold bars and mini-bars which I will reveal to you all on Saturday!

On top of all of this, MAGNUM is holding a contest so here is their photo below about that if you'd like to check it out. Just follow this link and give it a try.

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