The Chocolate Cult: Reese's Bars of Ice Cream

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Reese's Bars of Ice Cream

Another coupon from Unilever was for Good Humor and you've probably know them because of their candy bar ice cream bars but when Your Chocolate Priestess was a child she knew them as makers of bars, cones, and sandwiches!  Unfortunately here in South Central Indiana my nearest stores only carry the candy bars from Good Humor so I choose the Reese'a variety this year to reveal to you all.  If we do this in the future with Good Humor I'll need to have our Coconut Acolyte do the testing or perhaps they'll team up with another candy bar brand.

One box of the Reese'a ice cream bars has six individual bars inside each with 280 calories so this is not a low-cal treat but since they are individually wrapped you can easily control the amount you eat.  Just like a Reese's cup or other shape of candy treat they make nowadays, this has milk chocolate coating over a peanut butter center in this case the peanut butter part is the ice cream.  I shared these with four other people and our opinions about them were pretty much the same.

The bar, shaped more like the top of the traditional Reese's Cup is with pie crust like waving along the edges, has a top and bottom where the chocolate coating is less thick.  When we took a whiff from the top there was no scent but from the bottom a strong peanut butter fragrance was easily found.  Taking a bite made a soft crunching sound and revealed that that chocolate coating wasn't very thick at all. The ice cream is very creamy and strongly peanut buttery, very much like the inside of the Reese cup you've probably had however the chocolate flavor was almost non-existent.  The ice cream has ribbons of peanut butter throughout and I'm sorry that my camera was not good enough to zoom in and show you, Sisters and Brothers.  These ribbons of peanut butter added intense bursts of flavor to the ice cream.

The result is a very creamy peanut flavor with almost no milk chocolate.  If you like the peanut part of Reese's then this is a great treat.  If you like the milk chocolate part of that brand this is disappointing.  They need to increase the amount of chocolate and decrease the peanut butter to make it as balance as the candy bar that inspired it.

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