The Chocolate Cult: What businesses might benefit from a chocolate infusion?

Friday, July 19, 2013

What businesses might benefit from a chocolate infusion?

Sisters and Brothers, did you see the article in Salon about chocolate and bookstores?


You need to go check it out.

Just do that now then come back here.

So what did you think of the article?

It made your Chocolate Priestess think "What other stores might benefit from the fragrance of chocolate?" and "How might they benefit?"

In bookstores the more a customer lingers, the more they tend to find others book they want to buy.

Obviously bakeries or food shops probably wouldn't benefit much unless they are selling chocolate goods but even then given the scents you find in such stores I doubt this would entice more buying.

What about other types of shops?

Could it make shopping for clothing less hateful if you felt more relaxed or instead make you more conscious of your body and therefore less likely to try out more outfits?

Car dealerships?  Wouldn't that be competing with the "new car smell" we are all supposed to like?

Grocery shopping might be a perfect fit.  While I occasionally get whiffs in the bakery part of the store the subtle scent of chocolate might entice me to look longer in the baking supplies or frozen foods sections.  But they do so much all ready to encourage the shopper to dissociate and impulse buy that this could just overwhelm people.

What about gaming or electronics stores?  Yes, it seems like more of the customers in these shops are male but men love chocolate, too, so it might work.

What do you all think?  What businesses might benefit from a chocolate infusion?

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