The Chocolate Cult: August 2013 Fun Chocolate Holidays

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 2013 Fun Chocolate Holidays

August has some hold over fun food holidays from last month where the focus was ice cream.  Since the weather in the Northern Hemisphere is getting even hotter this time of year I'm glad that ice cream continues to show up here.  Also several birthdays for big names in the modern history of chocolate.

August 2 = National Ice Cream Sandwich Day -- make it with real ice cream, low fat if you like, but real ice cream please and use real chocolate in it and the cookies

August 4 = National Chocolate Chip Day OR National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day -- Another fun food holiday confusion which is not surprising given that most of this are just that, fun, and either promoted by companies or organizations and not official in any way; I was sent cookies to review but we are still focused on frozen treats so they'll be featured later

August 5 = National Waffle Day

August 6, 1826 = Birthday of Joseph Storrs Fry II who took over his grandfather’s thriving chocolate business in England. (mostly because I couldn’t find an accurate birthday for the chocolate genius that was Joseph Storrs Fry)

August 10 = National S’mores Day; also the birthday of Henri Nestlé, German Confection and founder of the Nestlé corporation along with Daniel Peter who created the Milk Chocolate bar using Nestlé expertise with condensed milk

August 12 = John Cadbury Birthday (1801-1889)

August 18 = National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day -- not all soft serve though is really ice cream, check the ingredients before you buy

August 20 = National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day

August 24 = National Waffle Day (anniversary of the first US patent for the waffle iron)

August 25 = National Banana Split Day -- you have to have some hot fudge on this, don't you?

August 27 = National Pots de Crème Day -- I have to figure out how to make these!

August 30 = National Toasted Marshmallow Day -- plain marshmallow is so much better with chocolate!

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