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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Chocolate Chip Toothpaste for Kids

About two months back we received a shipment, a very generous shipment from Theodent. They included all three varieties of their toothpastes in full size tubes.  Given the prices on their website this went well above the normal values of the majority of samples we receive except around the Winter Holidays and some of our Halloween Treat Challengers.  These oral hygiene products are made with Renou a chemical we looked at six weeks ago with an interview about the Theodent brand.

The kids' version, Theodent for Kids, is chocolate chip flavored but even though I'm not a kid (except at heart some times) I tried it for six weeks.  I used as directed -- one thin strip of the product per brushing -- but also exactly as I normally brush my teeth -- after every meal and once before going to bed.  Just FYI I have never had a cavity but I did wear braces for a few years as a teenager. My teeth are not perfect, however, they tend to be rather small and they are not even nor do I whiten them because I fear those chemicals stripping off the enamel of my teeth.  Theodent toothpastes are supposed to rebuild enamel so I hoped when I started this project my teeth would stay as healthy as previous.  NOTE: I did not see a dentist before or after I did this. We do not charge for our reviews, articles, or for readers so I frankly don't have the money to do that kind of testing on this particular product.

In terms of the toothpaste itself, the first thing I noted is that the toothpaste is almost white in color but has a very light cocoa scent.  When I used it, on those moments when the toothpaste was on my tongue it did indeed taste like chocolate chips.  It was not gritty and there was no aftertaste and it left my teeth feeling very clean and smooth.

The tube the toothpaste comes in has a pull off cap that is a bit challenging so I do have a concern about children being able to open this easily.  Now perhaps the idea is that parents should be helping them and controlling how much they use but my right arm and hand aren't weak and getting it on and off took more time than a screw top cap does.  The tube itself takes a bit more force to push on making me suspect the plastic is thicker than the average toothpaste.  Just don't push too hard because you need only about 1/2 inch of it on the brush.

Over the course of six weeks of using this Theodent product I didn't notice improvement or deterioration of my teeth or mouth.  I did notice that I wanted to brush longer because of the chocolate chip flavor.  This is something to be aware of with kids who might be tempted to swallow though the company says the product is not dangerous to swallow.  I also had other family members try the product as well and they also really liked it including our one member who has exceedingly sensitive teeth and must all ready use an expensive brand of toothpaste.  Before the Winter Holidays we will turn to the other end of the spectrum of Theodent line up so come back and check out the next feature on them.

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