The Chocolate Cult: Does Breyer's Beat Good Humor with Reese's?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Does Breyer's Beat Good Humor with Reese's?

Last Saturday, Sisters and Brothers, your Chocolate Priestess looked at the Reese's bar from Good Humor and found it lacking in terms of chocolate. Today we're going to look at Reese's again but this time as one of the Breyer's Blasts! line of frozen dairy treat -- not ice cream because of the legal definition here in the USA.  Let's see if this has a balance of peanut butter and chocolate that we expect from Reese's.  I shared this product with two others for the testing and below is the over all reflections on the product.

The first thing I notice is that there are ribbons of peanut butter and pieces of chocolate in the chocolate ice cream.  The ribbons have a definite Reese's flavor, slightly roasted but not very salty.  The frozen dairy part has a slight milk chocolate flavor with a hint of peanut butter depending on how close bites were to the ribbons.  The pieces of chocolate are simply milk chocolate pieces and add a burst of chocolate to the mix.  When eating all three parts the balance is slightly toward the milk chocolate side but it isn't as chocolatey as the Reese's cups we've had.

From two Unilever brands Breyer's emerges as as superior in terms of Reese's identity.  The frozen treat is less chocolatey than what we hope a chocolate ice cream would but this might be a result of less milk fat, what would make it ice cream, and that means you'll have to use more cocoa or chocolate to increase that flavor.  Alone the chocolate pieces and peanut butter ribbons were exactly like the candy bar and they alone made this delicious.

We have two more brands to look at for summer 2013's focus on Unilever frozen brands.  I do hope other brands will contact us for next year because I think our readers want more variety.  Do you want more variety, Sisters and Brothers?

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