The Chocolate Cult: Mini MAGNUM Classic Ice Cream Treats

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mini MAGNUM Classic Ice Cream Treats

To finish off the summer of 2013 focus on cool treats from the Unilever family we go back to the same brand we began with: MAGNUM.  This time we look at the mini version of their classic variety: vanilla bean ice cream dipped in Belgian milk chocolate. The benefit of the Minis are that you can eat a smaller amount in terms of calories but hopefully get your sweet tooth satisfied along with a chocolate fix. Let's see how this held up to our testing with myself and two other volunteers.

The first thing that surprises me is that I can smell milk chocolate before I take a bite.  Most of the time chocolate coated ice cream treats have little scent to them but this is definitely chocolate. A cracking sound is made when I take a bite and immediately my mouth is flooded with milk chocolate of a higher cacao content than I am used to; it is wonderful.  The vanilla ice cream has that sharp vanilla edge and if you look closely you can see flecks of vanilla beans.  The ice cream blends well with the chocolate, neither of them drowning out the other just swirling together.  The speed of the melting of the chocolate confirms this is much purer than most chocolate coatings. Eat it quickly though of it will melt down your fingers.

This mini version was a pleasure to eat and the ingredients list was a good example of doing it mostly right.  The short list of ingredients indicates that you can make ice cream treats that are still affordable.  Yes, there are added ingredients and some preservatives but compared to other cool treats we've looked at this summer from the same company, Unilever, we can see that they are making a range of products to fit different needs and pocketbooks.  I personally would spend more to get this better quality product and and I say it is a worthy Sacrament for this type of dessert snack.

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