The Chocolate Cult: A Little Cool Fudgesicle

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Little Cool Fudgesicle

Our cold treat series now turns to a childhood favorite of mine: the Fudgsicle from Popsicle.  The varieties of Fudgsicle are only a few and basically these are variations on the amount of sugar or the shape of the treat.  Unilever sent us a free coupon so this time we bought the No Sugar Added Fudge Pops.  Have any of you, Sisters and Brothers, had these?  Leave us comments to let us know please.

The Fudge Pops come individually wrapped but two pops are connected by the wrappers at each end.  This allows them to be pulled apart very easily though it does add to the waste you have to throw out.  These are 40 calories a piece or 80 calories per serving of two pops.  You control your portions very easily with this cold treat.

I find these a bit too cold to eat straight from the freezer so I recommend letting it sit out unwrapped for a minute or two. That way you won't get brain freeze and the cocoa flavor comes out more strongly.  You don't need to chew these and then melt quickly once in your mouth.  It cools you down very fast as well and the fudge flavor lingers so you feel satisfied with just one really. Of the six testers for this product no one wanted more than one and on other person wasn't a fan of previous Fudge Pops so he didn't try it.

For calories, taste, cooling effect, and portion control these are great treats. Then we look at the ingredients label on the book.  The first ingredient is nonfat milk so this is not a dairy-free product, the fifth ingredient is cocoa (processed with alkali); between these however are chemicals and then more chemicals follow with a mixture of other ingredients like coconut oil, whey, malt powder and salt.  You have to decide what you want to put in your body but unless you have ethical or health reasons I think these are an OK treat every now and then.

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