Friday, August 30, 2013

September 2013 Fun Chocolate Holidays

September starts a busy season for us in my house with two birthdays and an anniversary to boot.  Plus I generally starting to plan our Annual Halloween Treat Challenge so if you know a candy company that makes spooky treats tell them that they need to enter and have their products viewed in 173 different countries some of which do celebrate the traditions of Halloween or harvest related festivals.

Saturday before Labor Day = International Bacon Day -- is bacon and chocolate still a trend?

September = National Whole Grains Month -- whole grain wheats and products are all I use in my house

September 4 = World Chocolate Day -- try to find something not made in your own country to try today

September 8 = National Muffin Day

September 12 = National Chocolate Milkshake Day

September 13 = International Chocolate Day; oddly this might also be the birthday of Milton Hershey’s yes that Hershey (1857)

September 14, 1964 = Pop-Tarts come on the market from Kellogg’s -- not sure this was a good thing but they have a lot of chocolate varieties

September 18 = National Rice Krispies Treat Day -- yes, I have a recipe but they aren't your traditional rice crispy treats so you'll need to tell me if they count or not, Sisters and Brothers!

September 23 = National White Chocolate Day -- remember we do not discriminate against different types of chocolate here, if it made with any part of the cacao tree's fruit or other parts, we'll consider it and the growing of it important to the world of chocolate

September 27 = National Chocolate Milk Day -- didn't we have one of these back in July?

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