Saturday, September 14, 2013

Edible Chocolate Tuxedo Cups

Our final feature review of Kane Candy ends with a look at their White and Dark Chocolate Tuxedo Cups.  Sisters and Brothers, your Chocolate Priestess had no doubt before she used them that they would be excellent given the fine chocolate cups our previous four features showed us. But we have to test, we have to try, before we reveal products to all of you.  We have a procedure and expectations that every single sample must be measured against.

Back in July, before two friends of ours got married, I used these 0.3 ounce cups to hold a blended ice cream and crisp rice treat I made.  One pint of ice cream blended with four remaining treats was more than enough to fill these six cups; about half the mixture remained so a pint of ice would generously fill these cups with a bit left over I'm sure.  You could use any type I just happened to use a chocolate chip cookie dough.

I used our blender to mix together the ice cream and treats.  I'm not a big fan of blenders, I think they don't do a particularly good job but with some patience and a lot of stopping, scraping the sides, and starting again, this managed to mix it fairly well together and got the ice cream melty enough to easily spoon into the cups. The chocolate and white chocolate curls were leftovers from other Kane cups we've featured on earlier Saturdays.

The cups themselves are 47.3% cocoa so a bit on the darker side without being dark chocolate really.  They held a good half serving of ice cream so you can put quite a bit into them.  Of course since I chose ice cream to fill them they had to be eaten quickly.  Some just bit into them others (like me) used a little spoon to get the ice cream first then ate the cup that tasted as good as the previous varieties from Kane Candy.  Thus these Tuxedo Cups are Sacrament Worthy!

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