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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Uncle Sam's Huge Chocolate Truffles

Your Chocolate Priestess's birthday was just a few days ago and, of course,
there was chocolate.  Not these truffles we'll look at today from Uncle Sam's Chocolate Factory, we tested these months  and months ago but the company requested that we reveal them to you in October.  Since we hope to have a lot of competitors for our Annual Halloween Treat Challenge this was the best we could do in terms of their date request for this Saturday Sacrament.  They sent us four flavors (left to right in the photo): XXX-tra Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Dark Chocolate.  So sit back, Sisters and Brothers, and join us in the delight of four very large truffles.

We are not reviewing these in their order in the box, we're going to build up in terms of cacao content because even when we cleanse the palate darker chocolate can color later flavors.  So that means we start with the Milk Chocolate.  The base is about 1.25 inches across and about 1.25 inches thick.  It has a very sweet light cocoa fragrance when I take a whiff of it by bringing it close to my face.  The shell is cool to my fingers but instead of taking a bite (my mouth isn't that large, Sisters and Brothers) I cut into so you can see the inside here in this photo; the shell makes a snap when I cut into it but no real noise when I bite into it a few moments later.  The inside has a stronger scent, very fudgy in nature. When I take a bite the texture matches the flavor, it is very thick and fudgy, chewy even, with bursts of sweet and cocoa.  If you love fudge I think this is basically fudge in truffle form, very good.

Next up is Hazelnut which is basically the same size though it looks more round
to my eye.  The shell is dark and the top has small pieces of hazelnut on it.  It has a hazelnut scent with a light darker cocoa essence underneath it.  Also cool to my fingertips I can't imagine how to really bite into it so I try to cut it only to discover that it is much harder than the previous truffle so I can only get about a quarter of it separated from the whole.  Surprisingly the scent inside is very subtle with a hint of hazelnut.  When I take a bite the initial flavor is dark and light chocolate then the hazelnut builds up with each chew.  A great darker chocolate truffle if you like hazelnut and it will take you several bites to finish so don't plan on eating a lot of these at once.

The first of the darker chocolates is the 47% Dark Chocolate and it is 0.25 inches thicker than the previous two truffles but the same base width.  It has a sweet but dark chocolate fragrance and feels heavier than the previous two truffles.  It cuts opens with a snap but still fairly evenly.  Inside is a sticky and fudgy scented center that reminds me of the first truffle we looked at today. The shell by itself has a nice cocoa essence but definitely a candy flavor as well.  Coupled with the center which is very fudgy it is certainly more chocolatey than the Milk Chocolate truffle was. In fact at the end of the second bite I'm starting to feel our dear friend the cocoa buzz and with the final and third bite of one of half of this truffle I am definitely feel a buzz.  I share the other halves of all of these with an Acolyte to get a second opinion and practice purposefulness and portion control.

Finally the 72% Dark Chocolate called "XXX-tra Chocolate."  I must confess this one is what I've been waiting to test but you all know that the darker often the better as far as I'm concerned, Sisters and Brothers.  This is the same size as the first two of this quartet of truffles.  The scent is darker than the previous but why shouldn't it be since it has a much higher cacao content?  The tiny flecks of what might be milk chocolate on top of the otherwise smooth surface really stand out to the eye so I hope you could see them in the photos.  The shell is melt in my mouth intensity and the center is more cocoa than fudgy.  The shell also makes a crunch with every bite and the center ir slightly bitter not fudgy like I expected.  The cocoa rush begins within moment of the first bite.  I really liked the intensity of this truffle and highly recommend it for all darker chocolate lovers.

These are very lovely chocolate truffles from Uncle Sam's Chocolate Factory.  Much like their other products the brand and the decorations may make you think of less impressive candy but this is just as good if not better than Lindt or Godiva especially if you love fudge. For a private small chocolatier the quality is excellent and earns a Sacrament status.

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