The Chocolate Cult: Boo! from Cheryl's to Your Door (Plus Giveaway)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Boo! from Cheryl's to Your Door (Plus Giveaway)

We received via 1-800 Flowers a box of Halloween treat from Cheryl's labeled "Boo to You!" that turned out to be a purple cardboard box with that phrase on it barely containing the treats in side.  The treats are primarily soft, decorated sugar cookies, a bag of chocolates, and a $5 gift card to Cheryl's that you or the person you send this box to can use on a future order.  We here on The Chocolate Cult will give our $5 gift card to one lucky reader who leaves a comment below telling us which Cheryl's product you'd like to try. (The Rules: You need to live in the USA, be a member of this site through FB or one of the other two ways you can follow us; you earn an extra entry if you share this post on FB or Google+ on the announcement post for today's Saturday Sacrament.  Also many sure I can contact you to let you know you've won because if I can't contact you in 48 hours I'll draw again for the winner.  Entry good through October 24, 2013, winner announced October 25.  Think of this as a way to get a little help shopping for the holidays in November and December of 2013.)

Inside the purple stripped box are a bag of 1.5oz milk chocolates with crisp rice round candies with jack o'lantern wrapper, one crunchy sugar cookie with "BOOO!" on it in purple frosting on a salmon frosted background, two ghost shaped buttercream frosted cut-out cookies, six pumpkin shaped buttercream frosted cut-out cookies, 1 jack o'lantern shaped buttercream frosted cut-out cookies, and three yellow frosted with black bats and white ghost candies buttercream frosted cut-out cookies.

We can only test and report on the chocolates themselves here on The Chocolate Cult.  The first thing to note is that these are real milk chocolate made from chocolate liquor and cocoa butter and no added oils or fats, and no added artificial flavors.  It does have dairy and rice if either are allergy concerns for you.  The pieces are round with a circular pattern on the top and that was a touch disappointing since I was hoping to see the jack o'lantern from the wrapper repeated but that suggests these chocolates are made year round and wrapped for specific holidays.  The tops are smooth but the crispy rice is visible and feelable on the bottom.  There is a darker than expected chocolate scent from the top but a milkier fragrance from the bottom probably because the rice affects everything about candy bars -- flavor, texture, scent, look, even sound -- this insight was voiced by one of our volunteers who helped me test these.  These make a soft sound when I take a bite and continue to be crunchy as I chew.  You can certainly taste the sugar and the dairy here but as the top scent suggested this is a darker than average milk chocolate flavor for the USA reminding me of some European milk chocolates.

While most of the treats in this "Boo to You!" box were not chocolate, the chocolate that was included  was better than I had hoped for and frankly had there been 50+ of them they would make a viable treat for the kids who are going to come calling at my house on October 31st. There are other more chocolatey Halloween treats from Cheryl's if you'd like to check them out but we can't say how good they are since we did not test them.  I really wish they would have sent a product with more chocolate but we deal with the samples we get as best we can, Sisters and Brothers.  We do recommend the Cheryl's milk chocolate rice crispy candies and give them a rightly earned Sacrament Status.

Leave a comment below telling us which Cheryl's product you'd like to try and one of will get the $5 gift card we received in the box shipped directly to your home.

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Unknown said...

I would love any and all of these!

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