Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Treat Challenge Winner 2013

This evening starting around 5pm and running until 8pm we'll be answering our door over and over again as trick o'treaters arrive in their costumes looking for goodies.  None of the Challengers we had this year are appropriate for giving out to the masses but all of them could have had a place at your Halloween party and we'll be enjoying the left over from our testing this evening with any friends who want to drop by to watch the kids and just enjoy the holiday. Which of our four challengers were the best of the group and therefore earned the title of Winner for our fifth year of doing this competition. The winner will have the right to send us html code to put up on our front and special offerings pages for 31 days so you all can readily find their creations for any time of year.

Let's review the Challengers.  With only five of them and the two in the same category from the same brand, it seemed rather pointless to name a "best" for the various categories we could name winners in so we'll stick with the over all "BEST" for 2013.

TCHO's baking products made awesome cupcakes that we decorated for the season.  The plusses with ingredients is always choice and multiple uses.  Let's face it, a piece candy shaped like a skull only works for a select number of occasions.  The downside is that you have to make your treats and, sadly, in this current environment unless you are having a Halloween party very, very few parents are going to let their kids eat your creations.

Magic Choc was a fun and safe product to use with both kids and adults.  Again this really works best as a Halloween party treat not a trick o'treating handout unless you are amazing wealthy.  I suppose you could give it as treats for select family members but this product really works best I strongly believe as a shared activity.  That said just like the ingredients this can be used at any time for any occasion plus you don't need to really worry about your kids hurting themselves (or you depending on how skilled you are in the kitchen).  Given this is real chocolate -- white, milk, and dark -- with few additives this is a strong contender in our Challenge.

Cheryl's Boo Box had a bunch of treats but really not enough chocolate to compete very well this year.  Given that other gifts of theirs had more chocolate I was and continue to be very surprised that they'd enter this one.  What chocolate this was good and it if you could get it in bulk, let's say 100 pieces for under $10, it would be a great handout for trick o'treaters.

Fannie May's double gifts in either bag or box form offered several chocolate treats for you, your party, or a friend/loved one you aren't seeing tonight. The Frankie Bag was filled with treats in 1-2 serving sizes and the majority of these were made with real milk chocolate or real dark chocolate. Great for a gift to one individual or a smallish family.  I'm reusing the bag itself to hold some of the 483 pieces of candy we'll be handing out to 150+ trick o'treaters who will come to our door tonight.  The Frankie Delights box was almost entirely chocolate and what we had tasted good but it wasn't great tasting and the lack of information about specific ingredients per variety is an allergy problem just waiting to happen.  Multiple pieces in the Delights treat means you can share it further but it probably is not wise to hand these out given the lack of labels for allergen checks.

Weighing the results of all out testing and the events of the holiday, our 5th Winner of The Chocolate Cult's Halloween Treat Challenge is...

Magic Choc!

This is real chocolate that you can play with and our test party loved it -- kids and adults.  While it may not be the best tasting chocolate for the spooky holidays this would be the most fun at any Halloween Party.  Currently is it not available in the USA though I'm told it will be soon.

We'll be looking at another product from this same company for the Winter Holidays 2013 so come back and see how that compares.

Please let a comment below and tell us what chocolate (or other candy) you have been using to get ready to celebrate today!

UPDATE: We had a total of 180 trick or treaters at our house but the event was postponed until November 1st because of weather.

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