Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Just 1 Month to Join The Chocolate Walk

Only one month until The Chocolate Walk for the Brown County Humane Society, just 23 days before the prices rises from $20 to $25 per ticket.  In this month's reminder let's talk about advice for attending the event.

1. Plan to start when the event opens at 10am because with each passing hour not only will you have more and more chocolate walkers to deal with but very likely other tourists checking out the trees and enjoying Nashville's art colony offerings.  Note: you can pick up your tickets starting at 9:30am at at the Brown County Art Gallery located at the corner of Artist Drive and Main Street (1 Artist Drive, Nashville, IN).

2. Wear layers of clothing and have something to pack the extra in.  Who know what the weather will be like come the 9th of November.  One year we needed jackets, another I was in a tank top, and yet another year we needed umbrellas.

3. Expect to walk... a lot!  Parking will be very tight and yes it will cost you a bit of money so bring around $4 to $10 just for parking.  Wear shoes that will support your feet. Walking at a good pace like we do it still takes a good 3 hours to walk the entire route.  If you get sidetracked and stop to show you'll be on your feet even longer.

4. Bring bags or containers for the chocolate.  You might think you love chocolate, you might think that there has never been a chocolate you didn't want to pop in your mouth but the samples are going to be a good size and you will become overwhelmed. You just will.  Last year our Chocolate Coconut Acolyte brought bags to share with our group and we all took advantage of it. If you think you might want to go back to your car and stow your chocolate there while you go to eat or shop make sure you bring ice packs and an insulated container to hold them.

5. Bring a small bottle of water.  Too large and it will weigh you down so bring something you can refill at public fountains if you need it.  Water will cleanse your mouth without interfering in your enjoyment of the chocolates.  Given how long you'll be outside walking I can't recommend alcohol at all.

6. Bring another person.  Sure you can walk this yourself but how much more fun is it with others?  A lot more fun.  Now we've done it with just two people, five people, and once with almost a dozen folks who split into two groups then met up for lunch.  Not only will you have more fun but you'll have others to urge you on when feel tired or to talk you into taking a sit down for just a couple of minutes when you want to push ahead.

7. Eat a little something before you walk and after.  Yup, you can't go on fumes and as much as we may love chocolate we aren't fools, we know it isn't the fuel you need to function well. Every year we've done lunch after somewhere in Nashville, Indiana, and I always grab a small bit of breakfast before as well. Remember if you brought little bags or something to store the extra chocolates in you'll have room for lunch and in terms of nutrition you should get lunch.

8. Be polite and patient.  Let me be blunt -- some people are not very good with crowds and are not very polite when they find themselves in one.  Don't worry, the stops have plenty of treats to share, they won't run out after five years of doing this.  Also if you have physical difficulties or small kids I'm going to advise you to think twice about coming.  Many shops which are the stops for this walk have small doorways and some are up flights of stairs.  With so many people you'll struggle to keep track of your kids and it isn't anyone else's responsibility to do so for you. So many it a date thing or a "girls" thing or a "guys" thing that you do with friends or lovers.

You don't want to miss The Chocolate Walk, Sisters and Brothers, come and join us and eat a lot of chocolate to help the Humane Society do an even better job than the wonderful job they do.

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