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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Supporting Boyscouts with Chocolate

We report on charities related to chocolate several times a year here on The Chocolate Cult.  Sometimes these are events that we are invited to join, sometimes these are products we are sent to review and promote, sometimes these are things we just happen to discover on our own and want to share with you. Last year I tried to support a friend's son who is in Boy Scouts by buying their Chocolate Lover's Box for their annual popcorn sales that help support local chapters.  Unfortunately our friend lived in another city and the Boy Scouts didn't accept our credit card so we couldn't do it.  This year a boy from our neighborhood came by and so we were able to support Troop 100 with a purchase.

The box comes with four types of "chocolate" products -- milk chocolatey pretzels, white chocolatey pretzels, chocolatey caramel crunch, and white chocolatey caramel crunch. As you can see we haven't opened them yet because with Halloween approaching we really don't have time (or calories) yet to enjoy these. We still have two huge scary treats we've been sent to test out so until that the popcorn will need to wait.  But you may have the chance to order popcorn from your local Boy Scout so I wanted to discuss whether or not this particular product is a good choice.

Even without tasting it I can say that if you want chocolate then this isn't a best choice in terms of chocolate but it is the only one from this year's offerings that we saw when our neighborhood boy came to visit.   The key word that tells you this is "chocolatey" in the names of the products because legally there are restrictions in the USA and around the world on what can be called chocolate in all of its forms but chocolatey is far more vague of a term.  The white products are not chocolate, not even close because they don't even contain cocoa butter; the other two products contain cocoa powder so just enough that we might consider them chocolate here on this site but not chocolate liquor (mass) or cocoa butter that are widely part of the legal definition.

So buy something from the Boy Scouts if you support them on a local level, 70% of what you give these boys and young men will go back into their troops, but don't buy because are looking for great chocolate.  Next year we'll probably skip the "chocolatey" and go for simple straightforward popcorn.

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