Sunday, November 24, 2013

Board Games with Chocolate 2013

Today is the first day of National Games Week that promotes games as a form of social interaction and community building.  This celebration was created in 2008 and isn't official, just a fun holiday, but given that we have had two different games this year that had something to do with chocolate I decided to do a special feature and finally cover these games that we got through the Amazon Vine Reviewer program. Why was I sent these?  My family and friends are big gamers -- RPG, cards, board games, word games, puzzles, etc.  We find it to be a great way to connect and challenge ourselves without violence competition.

The first board game we got this year that had kind of had a chocolate connection was Monopoly Empire Game.  In this game you buy and build up different brands some of which do indeed have to do with chocolate as a food/drink or are just named chocolate. Update from 2018 -- the game is discontinued so good luck finding it now outside my house!

The second game this year that we got that had something to do with chocolate would have been great back in July when we were covering ice cream in all forms.  The What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar? The Original Game is for 4-8 teen through adult aged players. No this is not a child's especially a young child friendly game but you do need to be able to act really silly and not take yourself too seriously if you want to play this.

The only real downside to both of these games is that they felt a lot like brand promotions but I don't have a problem doing that here on our site.  In fact what we do is test products so that you don't have to make uninformed decisions about how you spend your money.  Of course you might also think of the games not coming with chocolate to be a downside, too, but you can always add in the chocolate of your choice.

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