Friday, November 29, 2013

December 2013 Fun Chocolate Holidays

December and all the winter holidays it brings but there is still more for our fun food holidays if you want.

1st Week of December = Cookie Cutter Week -- if I'm asked again this year I plan to do the cookie swap and post about it for you all but what cookie should i make?

December 1 = National Pie Day

December 4 = National Cookie Day

December 5 = National Sacher Torte Day

December 8 = National Chocolate Brownie Day; Bodhi Day marks when Siddhartha experienced Enlightenment and last year we marked it with a chocolate buddha

December 9 = National Pastry Day

December 12 = National Cocoa Day

December 15 = National Cookie Day, National Cupcake Day -- wait, two "National Cookies Days" in the same month?!

December 16 = National Chocolate Covered Anything Day -- anything?  what will you cover with chocolate, Sisters and Brothers?

December 28/29 = National Chocolate Days

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