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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Higher Quality Product? Theodent 300

Previously your Chocolate Priestess used the Theodent Kids for six weeks to test it so then I spent six weeks using Theodent 300 exclusively to test it.  As you can this comes in an off-white box with golden lettering everywhere. Everywhere, the list of ingredients, the directions, everything is gold lettering and that makes the package seem very high quality, expensive.  This is expensive, very expensive though to be blunt I don't know the average prices of boutique or fancy toothpastes, only those any of us can find in most brick and mortar stores.  Our question is whether or not this is a high quality product worth the expense.

The tube is identical to the Theodent Kids except for two things.  Obviously as you can see in the photos the tube is cream colored not brown as the kids version is.  The greatest difference is unfortunately a problem: the cap comes apart.  As you can see in this photo under the gold cap is a cream colored cap and on the third day, after just nine uses, the gold cap came off leaving the inside cap.  The adhesive was solid on this and I could not re-stick the gold cap. Given the expense of this product any problem with any aspect is really unacceptable.  Luckily the toothpaste didn't dry out at all because the adhesive covered what looked like a hole at the end of the tip.

Using Theodent 300 was identical to using the Kids version.  Use a thin ribbon, brush well, rinse, and make sure you brush at least twice a day.  I used it as I use any of my toothpaste merely I used it 3+ times a day, any time after I ate or drank something that might stay on my teeth and cause dental decay.  I used the product for six weeks, I used nothing else during this time, and I had no problems but I did notice my teeth felt very clean and my mouth felt very fresh. Of course I don't have, haven't had, cavities so the product really just helped me maintain my tooth quality as far as I could tell.

Aside from the packaging problems there is one other problem: lack of information.  The package claims this is the "Extra Strength Rennou" but no where on this box or the regular adult Theodent box (that we'll look at and review after the New Year) does it say how much of this chemical is being used. Is Theodent 300 three hundred times more Rennou than the regular adult variety?  How much is that really?  Without this information I cannot even begin to say that this is higher quality or even more product that you would get with the regular version.

With all of this questions and problems I cannot recommend this particular product though I still say if you have the money the Kids version is worth trying.  We have one more Theodent to test and once we have used the adult variety throughout the rest of 2013 we will let you all know, Sisters and Brothers, early in 2014 if Adult Theodent is worth checking out like the Kids version.


Bridget said...

This is nuts! Is it seriously $100 to buy this toothpaste?

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Yup, it is indeed that expensive. This is designer, luxury toothpaste. This is part of the reason the problems with it and the lack of information resulted in my not recommending it.

David Blake Jones said...

I love Theodent, and definitely notice a difference after using the expensive 300, but I agree that the company needs to lower the price or explain in greater detail why its so much more expensive!!!!!!

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Thanks for commenting, David. Lack of information was a big issue for me and personally I felt the regular Theodent did as well as I said later in the article we did on that one.

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