The Chocolate Cult: Are These Really Pastry?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Are These Really Pastry?

Today is National Pastry Day, Sisters and Brothers, so in honor of that I want to look at three chocolate varieties of Special K's boxed Pastry Crisps that I found this past summer in our local grocery store on sale and that I had a coupon for.  With only 100 calories per little plastic envelop that they come in I thought it was worth a try.  I tried three of their chocolate varieties and here are my thoughts on them.  Please leave your own thoughts in a comment if you have tried these.  (Note: this article was written over the summer but saved for today's Fun Food Holiday.)

I bought the Chocolatey Delight version first, thought it was good for what it was, so I bought the Cookies and Creme and the Chocolatey Caramel a bit later.  I made sure I kept one of the Chocolatey Delight around for our photos and this article.  There are probably other varieties but these were the chocolate ones.  Each one has 50 calories so the little bags hold 100 worth inside.  Please do leave a comment and let us know if you'd tried these and what you thought.

As you can see in this photo, two of the treats look identical on the outside -- the Cookies and Creme and the Chocolatey Caramel.  The treats are simply not thick enough to break apart and show you the inside without a much better camera than I have.  The Cookies and Creme bar has a sticky, marshmallowy center the adds a bit of sweetness to the cocoa flavor of the pastry part.  The Chocolatey Caramel version looks just like the pervious version on the outside with a tangy under scent but the inside caramel is very, very thin and primarily produced little more than a slight buttery taste that neither improved or detracted from the cocoa flavored shell.  The Chocolatey Delight is well named because it doesn't really taste like chocolate or cocoa, more like a thick chocolatey syrup that may or may not have much real chocolate in it; I would not buy this variety again given the other two options I've looked at today.  Each treat was crispy and crunchy which surprised me given how thin they are.

Ultimately I would have been more pleased had these treats been one to a bag than two but that the one was twice the thickness.  The end result would have been just as delicious but perhaps 20 or so calories less plus more to enjoy when you took a bite.  Have you tried these, Sisters and Brothers?  What did you think of them?

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