Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best Chocolate Sent to Us in 2013

We get products all year around to test, try, and write about for all of you to consider, Sisters and Brothers.  We only two months from our 5th birthday of The Chocolate Cult so this marks the fifth New Year's Eve announcement of the Best Chocolate that we've had the honor of testing and revealing to you all.

Here's a run down of the 37 companies, brands, and creators who have shared their work with us in chronological order from earliest to latest:

Cocoa Paper
South Beach Diet
Noble Cards
Chocolate for the Spirit
Kane Candy
Jackie Kingon
Certified Steak and Seafood Company
Best Chocolate in Town
Askinosie Chocolate
Skinny Cow
Life is Sweet
Dark Chocolate Imports
Uncle Sam's Chocolate Factory
Fera'wyn's Artisan Chocolates
Global Organics Ltd.
Magic Choc
TCHO Chocolate
Island Treasures
Old El Paso
All Things Equal
Clio Goodman
Darlene Lacey
Viva Labs

Some of these were not so good but over all it was an amazing year in terms of quality for chocolate or work.  Here are the top 13 from this year that we had the greatest pleasure of trying and why.

Cocoa Paper is unique and very supportive of the cocoa farmers plus they are a great way to use chocolate without adding calories.

Chocolate for the Spirit works with excellent ingredients created in farmer and planet friendly ways to craft delights plus being a small female run business that supports her local community is a huge plus here on The Chocolate Cult.

Kane Candy was real chocolate that tasted great when you used it as edible dishes that gave meals a luxurious and fun look.

Beviamo's work with the prisons and bringing chocolate from Italy to other nations is worthy of note as is the chocolate they import.

Askinosie's support of the cocoa farmer plus their high quality products again were a highlight of the year.

Dark Chocolate Imports was high quality and well-produced along with multiple award-winning Marou chocolate made the French way.

Uncle Sam's Chocolate Factory was surprisingly wonderful with every sample we got to test and definitely earned repeated Sacrament status.

MAGNUM has some of the best chocolate ice cream out there made with real ingredients.

Fera'wyn's Artisan Chocolates holds a lot of promise but we only tested one small example of their work.

Global Organics Ltd. offered amazing organic couverture from Italian that you need to check out if you are chocolatier.

Magic Choc was fun for kids and adults alike plus real chocolate with no additives just be aware is is not just the product by this name we were mentioning at year's end as being worthy.

TCHO has won in the past so it can't win again.

Island Treasures was a taste of Europe with a kick that had a particular appeal for both chocolate and licorice lovers.

So you can see the stand-out products were many this year making this choice difficult.

Past Winners of our Title include:
2012 -- TCHO
2011 -- American Heritage Chocolate
2010 -- Guittard
2009 -- Theo Chocolate

The 2013 Best Chocolate on The Chocolate Cult is....

Askinosie for the over all quality of their work, their support of local cocoa farmers, their empowerment and improvement of those local communities, and the variety of their products we have been honored to test and reveal to you over the years.


Anonymous said...

I love Askinosie. I remember when he first started out and sent me a few bars to try. I was overwhelmed with the packaging. So fantastic. Then I opened the bar and broke off a piece, pure heaven.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Thanks for commenting, Annmarie!

Quality + care for the cocoa farmers is a winning hand for us and I'm glad you really liked their chocolate, too.

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