The Chocolate Cult: Ovaltine, Improved?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ovaltine, Improved?

Some time back, Your Chocolate Priestess received two samples of the "Rich Chocolate" variety of Ovaltine.  Since September 27th is National Chocolate Milk Day I thought I'd schedule this feature review in time for you to either go out and buy your own or make sure you don't before that fun food holiday.  I remember drinking Ovaltine when I was younger; my husband drink it a lot he tells me.  To be blunt: I didn't like it compared to the other ways my mother had to make chocolate milk with both dry mixes and syrups.  Let's see if this "improved" version is any better.

One of the two packets I was sent uses 8oz milk and adds 40 more calories to your drink.  I used skim milk because I grew up drinking it.  It has alkalize cocoa as the chocolate related ingredient as well as dairy, soy, a lot of added flavors and vitamins and minerals that bring the 12 vitamins and minerals that the labels brag about to 10% of your daily recommendation for a 2000 calories diet.

It blended well, the dry mix worked in quickly with a whisk and created a light brown drink with a light cocoa scent.  Taking a sip I was surprised that it didn't have the aftertaste I remember very unfondly.  It has a light cocoa flavor and is not gritty at all.

This is an improvement on the memory I have of Ovaltine as a child. However I wouldn't classify it as "Rich Chocolate" merely as chocolatey.  Better than what I expected but still far from the best chocolate milk mix we've reviewed here on The Chocolate Cult.

Have you had the improved Ovaltine, Sisters and Brothers?  What do you think?


elizabeth said...

Wow, Ovaltine! I didn't know it was still being made.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Yup, I've seen the canisters in our local grocery shops and I've seen commercials but since I didn't like it growing up, I never bought it. As I hope I made it clear above, I would't buy it now either when there are better choices out there.

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