The Chocolate Cult: Sensible but Tasty Hot Cocoa?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sensible but Tasty Hot Cocoa?

Your Chocolate Priestess was sent a eight envelope box of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix, Sensible Sweets, Diet, 8-Count Envelopes (Pack of 6)
via the Amazon Vine program back at the end of October.  We were so busy with feature reviews for products directly from companies and brands that I didn't want to try to squeeze this in so we'll do it now while it is still cool enough of hot cocoa where I live.

The mix in these eight packets contain non-fat milk then cocoa processed with alkali then several other chemicals and sucralose.  Each envelop will make one six-ounce cup of cocoa and have 25 calories or about 1/6 to 1/4 other varieties of Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix I've had in the past.  The powder whisked up well with a ratio of 2-1 hot-cool water.  It has a light brown color that I hope you can see both before and after it was mixed.

The hot cocoa itself had an unexpected sweet scent and flavor.  There is an edge of bitter cocoa when I tasted it but the sweet lingered and turned a bit sour after a while in my mouth; I really wanted to rinse my mouth out after the third sip. If I let the cup set for more than five minutes a bit of the mix resettled onto the bottom of the cup but I find that to be the case for most hot cocoa mixes we've tried.

At 25 calories a 6 ounce cup this seems like a great deal but the sweetness was not pleasant and hid a lot of the cocoa flavor.  Ultimately this would NOT be something I'd buy unless they change the recipe to get rid of a lot of the sucralose to let the chocolate essence through. If you disagree and think you'd like to give Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix, Sensible Sweets, Diet, 8-Count Envelopes (Pack of 6) a try, please do so then come back and leave us a comment and tell us what you think. If you have tried it then please also leave a comment and tell us what you thought about it.

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