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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Final Theodent Results

Sisters and Brothers, remember Theodent, the toothpaste made with a chemical (RENNOU) taken from the cacao bean that is supposed to strengthen your teeth?  We've tested over the course of three months the Kids and the Theodent300 varieties in the past.  For the last two months I and my partner have been trying the regular adult Theodent product so this morning I want to share our results with you.  Please note that these are only our experiences, nothing has been tested by our dentists or scientists.

As you can see we've been using it and there is still about a quarter of the tube left.  This photo also demonstrates one of the packaging design problems I have in general with this product -- it is very difficult to get as much of the product out as with a regularly shaped tube of toothpaste.  The end is too thick to us one of those squeezer devices you may have seen to help you get the most from use packages -- I tried it because we do use such things here.  Hey, our money and time is valuable to us so we try to use everything we buy for as long as we can.  Back to the specifics of this version of Theodent.

It has a regular generic toothpaste flavor but is not gritty or harsh on the teeth. That is important since my partner has some serious jaw, gum, and teeth problems and normally uses toothpaste for sensitive teeth -- those are more expensive than just regular fluoride toothpaste like I normally use. This didn't bother his teeth or gums at all.  Neither of us feel like our teeth are less healthy than when we started the experiment.  I've been using Theodent products only since July 2013 and my teeth, gums, and jaw feel great!

My partner and I think you might want to try Theodent, the regular adult version, because it is far less expensive than the Theodent300 and frankly worked as well as far as we could tell.  I want to urge you to talk to your dentist first especially if you have any tooth or jaw or gum problems.  This still isn't inexpensive toothpaste but one tube last more than two months so it isn't financially ruinous if you do give it a try for a while.

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