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Week of Chocolate 2014

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For the entire time your Chocolate Priestess has lived in Bloomington, Indiana, there has been a chocolate event to benefit charity organizations that help the local people.  At first this was the Chocolate Fest a one day event then it grew and grew until it become the Week of Chocolate featuring different charity organizations each year.  The event is coordinated by LIFEDesigns but four other groups are also hosting events related to chocolate.  Two of our Acolytes will be attending one of these events as guests in exchange for our telling you about it.  I'm going to use the official releases and photos and then add in some notes from my own experiences over the years with advice on how to participate.

Week of Chocolate 2014 Events
The Monroe County History Center
Event Title:  Sundaes on Saturday
Address:  202 E. Sixth Street, Bloomington, IN
Phone Number:  812-322-2517
Event Date:  Saturday, January 25th  
Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Admission: adults $3, children $2, members and children under 6 FREE
Description: Design your own sundaes with Hartzell’s Ice Cream and lots of chocolate toppings. Learn the history of ice cream making, and enjoy old-time music.  The museum will be abound with activity from Monroe County’s past.  Enjoy the exhibits and let Monroe County History come alive.

I've been to the Sundaes on Saturday event a few times and it was always fun though it can get crowded so here is my advice: do not stay more than half an hour.  Come in, give your admission fee, get your ice cream, hang and chat for a little while, then go upstairs and check out the museum before you leave.  This way others can enjoy the sundaes and you can see the organization you are supporting by coming.  As a historian (did you know that about your Chocolate Priestess?) I have to say supporting any type of organization that preserves and educates about history is worthy of my time.  I hope the weather cooperates this year so we can go again.

Event Title: Art of Chocolate
Address: IU Art Museum
Phone Number: 812-332-9615
Event Date: Sunday, January 26th
Event Time: 5:30pm to 8:00pm
Admission: $40 pre-sale/$35 student pre-sale/$50 for ALL at the door
Description: At the 10th Annual Art of Chocolate, guests will enjoy an abundance of decadent chocolate desserts and appetizers created by some of the area’s finest chefs.  Live music, guest entertainers, an Art Show and Sale, and a silent auction will highlight the evening’s program.

Chocolate Artist 2013
We have received two tickets to this event so we'll have a post about it after it happens. I've been to three of these in the past in my role as a Docent at the museum where it is held.  I really like walking around and talking to folks, trying the treats, and when folks came into the galleries I liked showing them the collection and getting them thinking about art.  One of the things you should do if you attend is talk to the artist (whomever that is this year) who is creating with chocolate during the event -- you can find him/her on the second floor near the cafĂ©.  We've done follow-up interviews with the artist the past three years as well.

Bloomington Moose Lodge
Event Title: Chocolate Bingo
Address: 1580 West Bloomfield Road, Bloomington, IN
Phone Number: 812-332-1372
Event Date: Monday, January 27th
Time: 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Admission: $20.00 basic package
Description: Come join us at the Moose Lodge for a special night of bingo, with a chocolate theme!  With each winning bingo, the lucky players will be rewarded with cash and a delicious chocolate treat.  As always, Bingo players can enjoy a scrumptious meal with drinks made to order.  Invite friends, family and co-workers to experience Moose hospitality!

I'd really like to try this but fitting into our schedule has always been a challenge.

Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard
Event Title: Posh Ganache
Address: MHC Kitchen, 1100 W. Allen St.
Phone Number: 812.355.6843
Event Date: Wednesday, January 29th
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Admission: $45
Description: Join Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard in our new teaching kitchen for an evening of truffle making. We will be sharing recipes and tips for working with chocolate, and together we will hand-craft two varieties of truffles for participants to sample and take home. The workshop will include tasty appetizers and (Oliver Winery) wine.

Another event that has happened for several years now that I've wanted to go to but couldn't fit into my schedule or which I had to consider the cost of.  Sadly cost will be a consideration for many folks especially after Christmas but I've always thought this might be worth it not just for the amazing charity (one of our Acolytes is a volunteer there) but also you could then save what  you create that night and give them as a Valentine's Day gift.

Rhino’s Youth Center
Event Title:  Chocolate Prom
Address:  331 S. Walnut St, Bloomington, IN
Phone Number:  812-333-3430
Event Date: Friday, January 31st
Time: 8:00pm to 11:00pm
Admission: $10/person or $15/couple
Description:  Put on your best threads, grab your dancing shoes, invite all your friends, and bring your sweetheart to an event made especially for you.  Enjoy a variety of free chocolate treats and dance the night away to live music (formal dress is optional).

I haven't been to the Chocolate Prom but I've had friends who have gone in the past and they've said it was fun for all ages.  The Rhino Youth Center is a great location for teens and pre-teens in our area plus they once hosted fighter practice for the local SCA group that I used to just go and watch while helping out a friend with his equipment.

Event Logo

I want to see a show of hands (comments) below telling me what you would attend if you live in the area and what you will attend if you do live in the area.

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