The Chocolate Cult: Celebration of Chocolate Month

Friday, February 7, 2014

Celebration of Chocolate Month

So sorry for the lateness of the calendar this month, Sisters and Brothers, but here we are, a month of Chocolate reasons for you to enjoy.

February = Celebration of Chocolate Month -- The ENTIRE MONTH!

February 1 = National Dark Chocolate Day -- My favorite chocolate is around 70-80% dark, how dark is best for you?

February 5 = National Chocolate Fondue Day -- I've featured several fondue tests in the past so we didn't miss much this month

February 5/6 = World Nutella Day -- I'm torn about this after the company came down harshly on the creator of the day but she made up with them so you as you like, Sisters and Brothers

February 9  = Chocolate Day -- There are multiple "chocolate" days out there and this one is general so how will you celebrate on Sunday?  Sadly given the year so far I think we may have another recall to share...

February 11 = National Peppermint Patty Day -- Do you think Girl Scout Thin Mints would could to help celebrate?

February 14 = Valentine’s Day; National Cream Filled Chocolate Day -- In total we have three features related to Valentine's Day.  What have you thought of Sjaak's, Equal Exchange, and TCHO?

February 19 = National Chocolate Mint Day -- Thin Mint must count for this one, right?

February 25 = National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day -- This day partly makes me weep because my hubby is allergic to tree nuts but that's fine because when we get products with nuts to test I have myself and some other volunteers and between us we know enough about nuts to do a good job testing.

February 28 = National Chocolate Soufflé Day -- We have a feature article ready to go in honor of this day.

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