The Chocolate Cult: National Peanut Butter Lovers Day Energy Kick

Saturday, March 1, 2014

National Peanut Butter Lovers Day Energy Kick

Sometimes we get health products or personal care products to test and then tell you about here on The Chocolate Cult; heck we just had our first computer program to try and reveal to you all last Saturday.  As you know we turn nothing away that has anything to do with chocolate so today we are today to talk about energems an edible energy boost in the form of candies that contain cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, as well as caffeine and B-vitamins.  We were sent a six pack of their three varieties -- chocolate, mint, and peanut butter -- to try out and then report on here for all of you through our Tomoson connection.

I used them in the late afternoons in place of a normal snack (often made of chocolate, by the way) to see if they gave me a burst of energy that I seem to always need about that time.  I used them for 18 days to really give them a fair shake starting with the chocolate, then the mint, and finally the peanut butter varieties.  Nutritional they are very similar but not identical reflecting a difference in ingredients but each serving, 3 gems or candies, has 45 calories much less than my normal snack would at that time of day.  Each of these is large at 0.75 inches diameter so they are bigger than many candy coated chocolates you might find in your stores but then please keep in mind -- these are not candy, these are energy supplements and probably shouldn't be used without caution.

Before I get into details about each variety let me make a few things clear. I am not a caffeine consumer -- I hate coffee and tea and chocolate has little caffeine in it so there is every possibility that any buzz or energy burst I feel is based more on the caffeine than the chocolate.  However I tend to get stress headaches and caffeine can help with those and at times I have used it to relieve particularly bad headaches so one thing I kept in mind during this experiment was the condition of my normal mid-afternoon headaches.  With these facts in mind let's take a closer look at each of these varieties of energems.

The chocolate energems are in a red box and are red in color. They don't have any scent that I could determine before I took a bite but after a very loud crack and they were open there was a sugary cocoa scent.  If you let these sit on your tongue they taste horrible, sort of sour sick flavor so after my first test I learned to chew and swallow quickly so that they still in my mouth less.  The first five or so chews were mostly a chocolate flavor so I think it's the coating or the dye that is creating the yuck which I'll test out with the other two varieties.  I learned to keep that horrible flavor at bay while I tested the rest of these but it was very disappointing that I had to do that at all.

In the green box you find the mint energems and I'm not looking forward to testing this for you all, Sisters and Brothers, because the scent reminds me of the yucky flavor I mention above with a light mint to it.  Surprisingly here that horrible flavor isn't immediate at all because of the mint then the chocolate though it does make appearance about eight chews in and lingers afterwards.  I don't need to be as careful but chewing it away from my tongue improves the flavor as it did before.  The chocolate and mint are strong and the very final mouth sensation I have is of a strong cooling.

Finally the orange box has the peanut butter energems and these were the best of the tro.  They are brown in color and have a light peanut butter scent.  Inside their hard shell you get both chocolate and peanut butter flavor and almost none of that yuck flavor that really overwhelmed the plain chocolate variety. This is an energy burst I enjoyed eating though it is not the same as candy.  Not only did I enjoy trying this variety out for you all but today just happens to be "National Peanut Butter Lovers Day" too!  I didn't realize that when I scheduled this feature.  Unlike the other two varieties I find anything negative about this one and I could feel the energy pump up just as well. Whatever the difference is between this and the other two flavors that lessens the icky sweetness needs to be repeated and amplified.

So do you feel tired in the late afternoons or evening when you need or want to keep going?  energems are supposed to help you over that hurdle of tiredness so you can push on a bit more to get things the things you have to do done.  These did indeed give me a little pump up in my energy and helped curb some stress headaches as well.  Sadly not all of the flavors are equal and I can only give a strong thumbs up to the Peanut Butter one with an "OK" to the Mint and a "Say away from" the Chocolate.  Given the real chocolate and cocoa butter these are made with, that's really painful but my job is to be honest for your benefit, Sisters and Brothers, right?

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