Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tiramisu Gelato Time

The end of March is an odd time to do an ice cream, gelato, or frozen yogurt feature when you know focus on cold treats starting in July but your Chocolate Priestess was approached by the Breyers company and asked to try out their new Gelato Indulgence line and write about about it before too many weeks passed by.  Since I needed to get this in before our Easter features begin (I hope we have some for you, Sisters and Brothers, because companies and brands have been weird this 2014) so I arranged for two of our volunteers to come and try it out.  You'll see Elizabeth (normally one of our Alcohol Chocolates Acolyte) and her partner Josh in one of the photos below plus their hands in another photo; our review is combination of their opinions. Note: Elizabeth loves Tiramisu but Josh only tolerates it so please keep that in mind as you continue reading.

Immediately Elizabeth commented that the gelato looked like a tiramisu so what do you all say? As you can see the cocoa dusting on top and the off-white coffee flavored ice cream.

Both testers said it tasted a lot like the tiramisu though the ladyfingers were too tiny and really found only in the bottom layer.  The fragrance is very cocoa and coffee blend while the gelato minus the chocolatey ribbons are just coffee. These ribbons and the cocoa dusting are made from cocoa and cocoa processed with alkali. When you try it all together the flavors blend well.

As gelato this is smoother and lighter than ice cream which our testers said was dangerous because they could eat the entire thing in one sitting.  This photo to the left shows how quickly their first test went; they scooped up a second sample for thoroughness...

Now surprisingly Josh really liked this and Elizabeth said it is delightful and I liked it a great deal. Don't they make an attractive couple sharing this?  They did tease each other about eating the rest when the other wasn't looking however so I think that is also a testament to how much they enjoyed it.

They each though really wanted more ladyfingers and thus could not give this a perfect score. When they compared this Breyers Gelato Indulgence Tiramisu to the traditional tiramisu dessert and coffee ice creams they'd each had in this past this was was the best.  Overall for the quality of the product and the chocolate ribbons and cocoa topping, we can name this Sacrament worthy.

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