The Chocolate Cult: V8 in a Bar with Chocolate?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

V8 in a Bar with Chocolate?

After a long winter with holiday after holiday after holiday, your Chocolate Priestess is betting you are looking for something healthier and maybe something to help you get in shape for summer.  Am I right?  As you know companies send us products to test and then feature here on our Saturday Sacraments.  Most often these are directly from the companies but sometimes a retailer sends something our way or I get something from the Amazon Vine program -- today's focus is on the V8 Complete Nutrition Bar, Chocolate Peanut Butter variety, that I was sent through that reviewer program.  I have to tell you that I was both curious and wary so let's see how this bar turned out.

Chocolate coating is the first ingredient on the wrapper but it is made from palm oil and cocoa processed with alkali -- disappointing really -- but later on chocolate liquor is listed as well probably for the chips you can see on the top of it.  There are a lot of chemicals on this ingredients list, too, so immediately this bar is taken out of the running for any sacramental status.  It has a strong cocoa fragrance with a sort of odd sweet scent as well.  The bar's bottom half has been dipped or coated with the chocolate coating while the top has a few thin lines of it along with the chips.  You can see the crisp rice pieces and perhaps peanut pieces as well.  Taking a bite produces a soft crunch as does each bite.  I take the first bite from the bottom up so the part that should taste most like but I'm primarily getting that sweetness the scent hinted at along with rice and then an aftertaste that I don't really like.  Taking a bite from the top down tastes even less like chocolate indeed the only real chocolate is really in the chips.

It is true that this bar has a decent amount of fiber and protein and a good start to vitamin and minerals that you need each day.  Both the chocolate and peanut butter need to be much stronger flavors in this bar to be enjoying to eat and to live up to the variety name on the wrapper. Perhaps V8 will work and improve these or perhaps they need to stick to drinks.

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