Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Big Snickers Bunny

At five ounces this Snickers Bunny is fairly large.  Purchased at the end of the 2013 Easter season, this bunny comes packed in a box, under plastic, and wrapped in foil... a bit of an overkill I think.  If he were hollow I might worry about him breaking but he should be full of milk chocolate creme, caramel, and peanuts.

I think he looks better like this with just the foiled wrapped over him, don't you, Sisters and Brothers?  If you decide to get this you should set it out like this, much cuter for your loved ones or your Easter party.

The entire bunny is actually four servings so share him or eat him over a few days.  I shared him, consuming only one serving worth myself and that allowed me to sample over treats and not get bored. He smelled just like a Snickers bar.  So far so good.

When I take a bite I'm disappointed though... no chocolate creme filling!  Look at this photo, that isn't chocolate creme it's more like a peanut butter creme.  The caramel is a ribbon throughout the bunny over the top and the peanut pieces are resting inside the caramel.

While it tastes exactly like Snickers given the description on the box I'm disappointed.  This should have been more chocolatey.

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