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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chocolate Easter Eggs with a Conscious

We've looked at adorable individually wrapped hearts for Valentine's Day from Equal Exchange this year and now we're going to look at the same chocolate but in the form of small eggs in time for Easter around the world.  Yup, this year Easter is the same date around the world when it often happens on two or more different dates depending on the brand of Christianity. I'm hoping we'll have several features for you beyond the average reviews of mass produced chocolate but so far we only have this one from Equal Exchange so let's start Easter preparations with "organic and fairly traded" chocolate.

These are very much the same chocolate that was in the hearts -- milk chocolate with a hint of hazelnut (even a hint is too much for tree nut allergies so be aware of this) and 55% dark chocolate. Given these are basically the same, we won't go into full sensory details here, you can find that on the previous review.

The Milk Chocolate Eggs are actually 41% cacao so they may seem dark to American taste buds.  Each is wrapped in gold foil and the box has green tones of color to it. 18 eggs come to a box and 7 are one serving so about 2.5 servings. The little eggs are larger than the hearts were and they have a cracked or dinosaur like pattern on them.  This milk chocolate one had a seam across it horizontally or the long-way and at least one piece separated into two fairly easily. At this larger size I think the organic sweetness of the cane sugar was less and it let the milk chocolate and hazelnut flavor out more strongly compared to the hearts.

The Dark Chocolate Eggs are 55% and come in blue foil with a blue theme to the box.  Again 18 eggs per box or 2.5 servings though you don't need to eat a full serving to feel satisfied.  These are darker in color than the milk chocolate onew and interestingly appear to have a seam around them or the short way but they didn't separate as easily as the other eggs did.  Once more the increase in size has lessen the organic cane sugar impact on the flavor and I do like these better than I did the hearts.

If you want some small eggs to fill out your Easter baskets but also want to support organic and fair trade practices within the cocoa industry, these are a great choice.  No artificial junk, not unnecessary ingredients, just basic with an effort to support small native farmers make this Sacrament Worthy.  Since it can be tricky to find these on their website, use this LINK to take you directly to these products please.

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